Red Bull, KMC, BF Goodrich

2021: 18th

2021: Rallye du Maroc 10th in T3, Andalucia Rally 23rd in T3
2020: Andalucia Rally 5th in T3
2019: Best in the Desert series championship; MINT 400, Vegas-to-Reno, UTV World Championship, Parker 250 and the Silver State 300.
2018: MINT 400 (2nd), Vegas to Reno (2nd Utv)
2015: UTV World Champion and the WORCS champion in youth class
2014: UTV World Championship in youth class


“Being the youngest driver to ever win a stage wasn’t too shabby”

Seth Quintero has always had an affinity with the desert. It started with him riding dirt bikes on family trips before switching to racing SSVs and going on to clinch youth and pro titles in the UTV World Championships, WORCS series and famous desert races like the MINT 400 and Vegas to Reno. Being underage Seth was confined to the bivouac on the 2020 Dakar but his chance ‘finally’ came in 2021 when the Red Bull Off Road Junior Team entered him with his equally novice German co-driver Dennis Zenz. With only the Andalucia Rally under their belt it was a steep learning curve but they were quickly on the pace and took their first win on Stage 6. By Stage 8 they were up to second overall and for about 10 kilometres in Stage 9 they were ‘virtual’ Dakar category leaders until gearbox gremlins saw them stuck on the side of the track waiting for their support truck. Despite this setback they bounced back to win Stage 11 by over 12 minutes and finish the rally 14th overall. Since then they’ve competed in the Andalucia Rally for a second time and the Rallye du Maroc, but on both occasions ran into gearbox problems. Hopefully this problem has now been solved with a T3 rule change that allows them to fit a stronger racing sequential box. At the recent Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge they got a chance to try it out running unclassified in the Open Class and it gave entire satisfaction.

“Despite the gearbox problems there were definitely some great moments on our Dakar debut. We finished the prologue in second place behind Kris Meeke who’s someone I’ve always looked up to, so that was both cool and encouraging because it showed we were on the pace. Then being the youngest driver to win a stage on leg 6 was also not too shabby either. That’s a record I should manage to hold onto for a while! Hopefully, our gearbox problem has been sorted now so we should be very competitive. Tactically I think we’ll do pretty much what we did in ’21, play a bit of a waiting game for the first week and then pick up speed for the second and hopefully be able to challenge for the win. Logically my main rivals will be my teammates Mitch (Guthrie), Cristina (Gutiérrez) and Guillaume (de Mevius) but that’s no problem because while we’re all racers and like to win we are also good friends back in the bivouac.”



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Reactions - 13/01 15:48 [GMT +3] - Lightweight Prototype

Seth Quintero: “Eleven stages is a pretty hefty amount”

The young American OT3-Red Bull driver has continued with his impressive series: 11 stage wins in the T3 category.

“It’s definitely a rewarding feeling. We’ve done twelve stages now with 11 wins. Every day has just been an adventure in itself and I’ve just been trying to take it day-by-day. Dennis has done an absolutely amazing...

Reactions - 12/01 17:11 [GMT +3] - Lightweight Prototype

Seth Quintero: "I really want to try and make everyone back home proud"

After claiming his 10th stage win in this Dakar, the American is stoked to have equalled Lartigue's record from 1994.

"We haven't broken the record yet, we've just tied the record for most wins in a single Dakar. It's nuts! I'm mind-blown. I'm going to have a heart attack. You never know. We don't have our phones in the car, so we can't look at the...

Reactions - 11/01 15:06 [GMT +3] - Car

Seth Quintero: “We’re fighting for our own goals”

Quintero played it safe today to avoid a puncture

“We had a smooth day. A really rocky day so we were trying to not get a flat tyre. Definitely, I drove pretty consistently and preservative today, but we had a smooth day. I’m not sure where we ended up. I know we’re definitely going to be in a battle with Cristina. I guess we’ll...

Reactions - 10/01 16:35 [GMT +3] - Lightweight Prototype

Seth Quintero: “We’ve just got to keep on having fun and hope we break that record”

Seth grabbed his eighth victory on this edition of the Dakar and is now aiming for Lartigue’s record of 10 triumphs.

“Today went great. We really feel no pressure, so we’re just out there having a good time and today went well for us. We knew that there was going to be a lot of sand and a lot of dunes and that’s where I feel...

Reactions - 09/01 18:00 [GMT +3] - Lightweight Prototype

Seth Quintero: "That record's not gonna be easy to break"

The author of an almost perfect clean sweep (with the sole exception of stage 2) is hell-bent on winning a record-breaking 11 specials.

"It was definitely quite the day. We got lost quite a few times along with a lot of other people. We started up front with a lot of T1s and had a lot of dust today, unfortunately, but we're here, we're at the end...

Reactions - 07/01 15:04 [GMT +3] - Lightweight Prototype

Seth Quintero: “We did the whole last 150 km without any brakes”

Today witnessed a sixth victory in the T3 class for the young 19-year-old American, who had to deal with a sizeable technical difficulty for almost half of the special! In spite of that, the Red Bull driver is hungry for more.

“That was, for sure, some of the scariest driving I have ever done. The stage was super fun and super-fast but unfortunately,...

Reactions - 06/01 17:57 [GMT +3] - Lightweight Prototype

Seth Quintero: “Break that record of nine wins in one Dakar”

The young American achieved a 5th stage victory out of 6 day’s racing. He is aiming for the record of 9 stages won by Hubert Auriol on the same edition of the Dakar in 1984 (in the bike category). A closer look at the rally’s history books reveals another objective for him to aim at: Pierre Lartigue won 10 stages during the 1994 edition, which had 16 stages as well...

Reactions - 04/01 16:10 [GMT +3] - Lightweight Prototype

Seth Quintero: “We’re going to keep on chugging along and grab some more wins”

Despite several hours’ delay yesterday due to a broken differential case, the young American quickly bounced back to grab his third stage victory since the beginning of this year’s edition of the Dakar.

“For sure, it’s definitely been quite a Dakar. We’ve got three wins out of the four stages that we’ve done, which...

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