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Jan Burgers, Toyota

2020: 4th (Toyota Overdrive)
2019: 7th (Mini X-Raid)
2018: Ab. Stage 8 (Mini X-Raid)
2017: 27th (Mini X-Raid)
2016: 11th (Toyota)
2015: Ab. Stage 11 (Toyota)

2020: Andalucia Rally (3rd)
2019: Qatar Rally (2nd), Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge (7th), Silk Way Rally (Ab.), Morocco Rally (5th), Rally Qassim (1st), Al Alu Neom Rally (1st)
2018: Silk Way Rally (1st), Kazakhstan Rally (1st)
2017: Silk Way Rally (10th), Kazakhstan Rally (11th), WRC Wales and Sardegna
2016: Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge (2nd), Qatar Rally (2nd), Sardinia Rally (6th), Silk Way Rally (2nd), Morocco Rally (Ab.)
2015: Morocco Rally (3rd), Egypt Rally (2nd), Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge (4th)
MERC and WRC2 events
2014: Baja Russia (1st), Baja Italia (1st), Egypt Rally (1st)
WRC2, ERC and MERC Championships


“The objective is the same: win this race”

Whether it is during reconnaissance or in the bivouac, the Saudis only care about Yazeed Al Rajhi, to the point of inspiring a generation of new competitors. The arrival of the Dakar in his home country has cast the native of Riyadh into another dimension. Behind the wheel of a 4X4 in the deserts, his countrymen now pretend to be Yazeed. Despite the disappointment of not finishing in the top three last year, he did shows signs of improvement and consistency during his sixth Dakar. Al Rajhi never finished a stage lower than 9th and took six top 5 results in 12 stages. He never had an “off day” as was the case in the past. And except for day three, he was never lower than fourth overall, which is his best result to date on the Dakar. He immediately turned heads in his Dakar debut in 2015 when at the controls of a Toyota Hilux he took his first stage win on day eight before retiring on the liaison section with a mechanical problem, while in third place. For his second Dakar on home soil, Al Rajhi will have a substantial added advantage in the form of Dirk Von Zitzewitz, who teamed with Giniel De Villiers to win the 2009 Dakar. Initially planned for last year, this collaboration had to be postponed after the serious SSV accident involving the German co-driver. Now fully recovered, Von Zitzewitz will provide his experience (18 Dakars with seven podium results) to the feisty Saudi. While Al Rajhi had to remain quarantined with his family for seven, he had the chance to shake off some rust on the Andalucía Rally where he finished 3rd and at home just prior to the Dakar on the Ha'il Rally which was run similar, if not the identical, tracks to those of the up-coming Dakar.

Y.A.R.: “As a child, I was interested in all forms of motor racing. The Dakar was always special to me with its touch of adventure. I dreamt of doing it one day. The Dakar is a demanding rally with an incredible history. To be part of it means that you battle against the best but also the elements and yourself.
The first time in Saudi Arabia was fantastic. Everything was perfectly organised with great stages. I think everyone enjoyed it. You know, even I was surprised by the landscapes it was that beautiful. Can you imagine, I am Saudi and after the Dakar I returned to my family to tell them how amazing some of the places were. The COVID-19 crisis is now under control in Saudi Arabia. I obviously didn't expect it to be on such a large scale. I was isolated at home for about 7 months with no training whatsoever. For sure, it complicated things for the Dakar but we were able to resume training and a semblance of rhythm. We are now ready for the up-coming Dakar. We have been able to do quite a few tests and the objective remains the same: to win this race.”



  • Mark : TOYOTA
  • Performance tuner : Toyota Overdrive
  • Assistance : Toyota Overdrive
  • Class : T1.1 petrol modified A-T 4x4

Ranking 2021

All news of Y. Al rajhi

Newsflashes - 15/01 11:03 [GMT +3] - Auto

Al-Rajhi joins the party

Yazeed Al-Rajhi has moved into third place between the two rivals for the title, Stéphane Peterhansel and Nasser Al-Attiyah, 1’30’’ behind stage leader Carlos Sainz. Cyril Despres remains in fifth place, almost 3’30’’ behind the Spaniard.

Reactions - 13/01 16:18 [GMT +3] - Auto

Yazeed Al-Rajhi: "It was risky, but we wanted to win"

The Saudi's risky gamble in the closing kilometres paid off as he took his second stage win in the 2021 Dakar.

"We went fast, and Dirk also did a great job. However, with 30 km to go, we had a flat tyre. We decided to push on, reasoning that we were almost there. The tyre ended up torn to pieces, but we finished with it. It was risky, but we wanted to win. We thought that...

Newsflashes - 13/01 14:27 [GMT +3] - Auto

Al-Rajhi seals the deal

No-one except his countryman Yasir Seaidan even came close to Yazeed Al-Rajhi in today's special. The Saudi, who had an erratic start to the rally, took control of the race at km 90 and cruised to his second stage win in the 43rd Dakar.

Newsflashes - 13/01 13:05 [GMT +3] - Auto

Al-Rajhi holds on

Yazeed Al-Rajhi continues to lead the provisional classification at km 162 by 1'35" over Stéphane Peterhansel, who in turn is barely 10 seconds ahead of Nasser Al-Attiyah!

Newsflashes - 13/01 12:05 [GMT +3] - Auto

Al-Rajhi soars as Seaidan sinks

After Yasir Seaidan went through km 90, fellow Saudi Yazeed Al-Rajhi has retaken the overall lead by just under two minutes over Nasser Al-Attiyah and Stéphane Peterhansel. Mathieu Serradori is 2'10" behind Al-Rajhi, with Seaidan 3'30" back.


Newsflashes - 13/01 11:29 [GMT +3] - Auto

Al-Rajhi kicks it up a notch

Yazeed Al-Rajhi, first at WP1, is still in control at km 90. Nasser Al-Attiyah and Stéphane Peterhansel are over a minute and a half behind the Saudi, but within 15" of one another.


Newsflashes - 13/01 10:54 [GMT +3] - Auto

Al-Rajhi and Baragwanath in the mix

Yazeed Al-Rajhi has taken the reins of the stage by about 20 seconds over Brian Baragwanath at WP1. Nasser Al-Attiyah and Stéphane Peterhansel are now third and fourth, respectively.

Newsflashes - 11/01 12:44 [GMT +3] - Auto

Big loss for Al-Rajhi

Yazeed Al-Rajhi encountered mechanical problems after 193 km and has lost almost an hour to stage leader Nasser Al-Attiyah after 225 km. The race’s local representative will not be making it a second consecutive victory today.

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