(arg) 1.72m / 76kg


Bicicleta, enduro.


Turismo Mendoza

2021: Auto/ Abandono etapa 6
2020: Auto/ 6º
2019: Auto/Abandono etapa 2 y 1º en la clasificación de Media Marathon
2018: Auto/ 20º
2017: Auto/ 6º
2016: Auto/12º
2015: Auto/ 18° 4 victorias de etapa
2014: Auto/ 5°
2013: Auto/ 5° 1 victoria de etapa
2012: Auto/ Abandono etapa 5
2011: Auto/ Abandono etapa 7
2010: Auto/ 9°
2009: Auto/ Abandono en la etapa 10
2007: Moto/ Abandono en la etapa 8
2005: Moto/ Abandono en la etapa 10

2021: Abandono en la Baja Aragón.
2019: Campeón de la Copa del Mundo FIA de Bajas Cross Country: 1º en la Baja Italia, 1º en la Baja España Aragón, 1º en la Baja Hungría, abandonó en la Baja Polonia, 2º en la Baja Jordania y 1º en la Baja Portalegre.
2018: 1º en la General de Autos del Desafío Inca; 10º en el Campeonato Sudamericano de Cross Country.
2017: 2º en la general de la categoría Autos de la Baja Aragón; 1º en la general de la categoría Autos del Desafío Ruta 40 Norte.
2016: 4º en la general de la categoría Autos del Rally de Marruecos, 5º en la general de Autos de la Baja Aragón.
2015: 3º en la categoría Autos del CARCC. 1º en la categoría Autos del Desafío Ruta 40.
2014: 2° en el Rally de Marruecos; 3° en la Baja Hungría, 2° en la Baja Aragón.
2013: 1° en el Rally de Marruecos, 2° Baja Aragón, 2° Dakar Series Desafío Ruta 40.
2012: Campeón Argentino de Rally Cross Country, 1° Desafío Litoral y 1° Desafío Ruta 40.
2009: 1° en el Rally de Túnez
2008: 8° en el Rally Central Europe
2007: 2° en la Categoría Autos de Producción del Patagonia-Atacama
2006: 4° en el Rally de Los Faraones.
2003: 1° en el Rally del Desierto de Chile, 1° en la Categoría Autos de Producción Por las Pampas Rally; Plata en los Six Days de Enduro de Brasil.
2001: 3° en el Campeonato Latinoamericano de Enduro de Guatemala; Plata en los Six Days de Enduro de Australia.
1998: 1° lugar en el Enduro de Argentina/Chile


“We have a very good team for the Dakar”

Veteran driver ‘Orly’ Terranova will make his16th appearance on the Dakar in 2022 as part of the powerhouse BRX team. With his Catalan co-driver, Dani Oliveras Carrera, the Argentinean joins the squad alongside two motorsport legends: Sébastien Loeb and Nani Roma. The Mendoza native competed on the Dakar in Africa on a bike in 2005 and 2007 but failed to finish. Everything changed in 2009 when the rally moved to South America. ‘Orly’ switched to four wheels and began to get results as he demonstrated his talent, speed and competitiveness. In 2013 and 2014, the Argentinean finished fifth in the general classification. He won some epic stages and duels, like in 2015 versus Nasser Al Attiyah. In the past few editions, ‘Orly’ has been a consistent top 20 finisher, except for 2019, when he retired due to a back injury, and in 2021, when his Mini suffered mechanical problems. He put in one of his best showings in the 2020 Dakar. He described his opening week as “fantastic” and was even in second place overall after stage two. In February 2021, Terranova received an offer from Bahrain Raid Extreme, where he is pleased to have found a sympathetic ear. His first race with his new navigator Dani Oliveras Carreras was in the Baja Aragon. In December, ‘Orly’ tested intensely in Dubai and was amazed by the balance of the new Hunter T1+, while he fine-tuned the communication with Dani. The Catalan will be competing in his 8th Dakar, after five editions in the bike category, with a personal best 9th place in 2018. He then finished second in the SSV class in 2019 alongside Gerard Farrés, and in 2020 he teamed with Nani Roma in a Borgward in what is so far his only participation in the T1 class. On the eve of the 2021 Dakar, Dani had to throw in the towel after testing positive for Covid 19.

O.T. “I got an offer to join this project in February 2021. The BRX team is quite different to X-Raid. The guys are focused on the qualities of the car and driver comfort. We participated in the Baja in Spain, and from that point, they started working on the new car. I think we are the only team that is fully exploiting the possibilities of the new regulations. The tests in Dubai were incredible. We agreed with (Sebastien) Loeb on the car's balance in terms of speed, engine, suspension, usability. We need to work on reliability. And we don't have any reference points. We don't know how much progress the other teams have made, which have also worked very hard. As far as Dani is concerned, he demonstrated his unique navigating skills in Dubai on a very tough event that posed a massive navigation challenge. The car is far more comfortable, with its new tyre sizes and longer suspension travel. We still have to figure its limitations. I hope it will be a balanced race, with a variety of terrains. We will see as the days tick off. The team is looking for the best results. It's going to be an interesting race.”

D.O.C: “Orly and I were surprised by how well the car handles. I am convinced that Prodrive has built a very competitive car. We will have to see how the other teams' cars have evolved. This year we raced in the Baja Aragon. We had some mechanical issues that prohibited us from finishing the rally. But the communication between us was excellent. ‘Orly’ was quite happy, and so was I, because we ran well on the tracks, and it gave us a good idea of what it can do on the Dakar. Then, during the tests, we worked a lot on the roadbook and navigation. ‘Orly’ listens to me a lot, and he has to trust my work. We don't have a lot of mileage together, but we will try to do our best. I have the feeling that, with Loeb and Roma, the whole team can achieve a very positive result.”




  • Bahrain Raid Xtreme
  • Bahrain Raid Xtreme
  • 4×4 Petrol and Diesel

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Orlando Terranova: “We won the stage and that’s a great feeling”

The Argentinean driver recruited this year by team BRX won the 7th special in his career and his first in Saudi Arabia, finishing one minute ahead of the Audi driven by Mattias Ekström.

“It was a difficult stage because there were the tracks of the bikes, but some went in the wrong direction, so we had to stay very focused. It wasn’t...

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Dakar 2022 – Stage 6 | A red-hot performance from Sanders and Terranova!


For the last day of racing before the rest day, stage 6 gave rise to a game of musical chairs between the FIA and FIM loops from the day before in the region of Riyadh. The cars and bikes started at the same time from 7.45 AM onwards on their respective specials. While the cars found the familiar traces of the two-wheelers on the ground in front of them, the leading...

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