(fra) 1.8m / 82kg


Vélo, ski de randonnée, bricolage


Redbull, Rebellion Timepieces, Hexaom, BF Goodrich, GPX Racing.

2021 : 10e
2020 : Abandon (SSV)
2019 : 5e
2018 : 31e
2017 : 3e
2016 : 7e
2015 : 34e
2014 : 4e (moto)
2013 : vainqueur (moto)
2012 : vainqueur (moto)
2011 : 2e (moto)
2010 : vainqueur (moto)
2009 : 2e (moto)
2007 : vainqueur (moto)
2006 : 2e (moto)
2005 : vainqueur (moto)
2004 : 3e (moto)
2003 : 2e (moto)
2001 : 13e (moto)
2000 : 16e (moto)

2018 : 3e du rallye du Maroc
2017 : vainqueur du Silk Way Rally
2016 : vainqueur du Silk Way Rally, Rallye du Maroc (35e, 1 victoire d’étape)
2013 : 4e du Rallye de Sardaigne, 2e du Rallye Dos Sertoes, abandon sur le Desafio Inca
2012 : vainqueur du Desafio Litoral et du rallye du Maroc
2011 : vainqueur du rallye du Brésil
2010 : vainqueur du rallye du Maroc
2009 : vainqueur du rallye de Sardaigne, du rallye de Tunisie et du rallye des Pharaons
2008 : vainqueur du rallye de Sardaigne et de l’UAE Desert Challenge
2007 : vainqueur du rallye du Brésil
2006 : vainqueur du rallye du Brésil
2005 : vainqueur des rallyes de Tunisie, de Turquie et du RedBull Romaniacs en Roumanie
2004 : vainqueur du rallye de Tunisie
2003 : vainqueur du rallye du Maroc, de l’UAE Desert Challenge et de la coupe du monde des Rallyes Tout Terrain
2002 : vainqueur des rallyes de Tunisie et de Dubaï
2001 : vainqueur du rallye de Dubaï
2000 : vainqueur du rallye du Maroc, vainqueur de la Coupe de France d'enduro
1998 : champion de France d'enduro national B
1993 : champion de France de trial senior


“A second test with our laboratory vehicle”

In the blur of his childhood memories, Cyril Despres remembers having attended the starts and prologues of the Paris-Dakar and can clearly remember seeing an old truck of Jan De Rooy and the factory Peugeots. Much later, the young rider, but already a trial and enduro champion became the revelation of the event in 2000 (16th), then gave himself the means to an exemplary climb on the Dakar. After finishing second in 2003 and third in 2004, the Frenchman scored his first victor in 2005. From that point on, his relationship with the Dakar was closely tied to his mano a mano with Marc Coma. Despres won again in 2007 and added to his trophy collection in 2010, then distanced the Catalan rider by winning the 2012 and 2013 editions. In 2014, he reached Valparaiso in 4th position without knowing that he missed his last chance to equal the record of 6 motorcycle victories still held by Stéphane Peterhansel. After the challenge launched by Yamaha, it was the one proposed by Peugeot that won Despres over without hesitation. His progression was linear, with a 7th place in 2016 before reaching the podium (3rd) the following year. After the Peugeot era and one edition with a Mini in 2019 (5th), it was his collabration with Mike Horn that gave Cyril a new boost. The duo has embarked on a major project aimed at producing a hydrogen-powered vehicle capable of competing at the highest level by 2023 or 2024. The first phase consisted of recording thousands of essential data points on the 2021 Dakar for the engineers of the CEA (Commissariat à l'énergie atomique et aux énergies alternatives), working alongside Despres and Horn. The data was collected in a Peugeot 3008 belonging to the Abu Dhabi Racing team, which they drove to 10th place, which allowed them to project with greater precision the functioning and resistance at high speed of this still nascent technology. For 2022, the objective remains to continue this preparation work before entering a hydrogen-powered 4x4 in 2023 if everything goes according to plan. In the meantime, the Swiss adventurer has given up his co-driver role to South African Taye Perry, who made her Dakar debut on a bike and is intrigued by the challenge Despres has set for her.

C.D.: “The work done in 2021 was very constructive, although our race was inconsistent. It wasn't until the second week that we were able to get into a good rhythm and go for Top 5 finishes on several stages. The CEA engineers working on the project were able to see what the Dakar represented in terms of mechanical demands and collected more than 5,000 data points to analyse. Six months later, they were able to show us the result of their work, and more precisely, the dimensions of the fuel cell that will power the electric motor. Its architecture is now precisely defined. So, we're off for a second test with our laboratory car. Mike Horn has promised to return to the Dakar when the 'Gen Z' car is ready. And he is keeping his word by giving up on the 2022 Dakar. I contacted Taye Perry after the Dakar because I believe she is concerned and moved by our project. It will be hard to develop this car because although it is still motor racing, for the time being, we are doing essentially lab work. In any case, it is still on track for 2023. But whatever happens, this is the first time that I have a long-term ambition. Before, I was looking at a maximum of 11 months, leaving the Dakar for the next one”.




  • 3008
  • PH Sport.
  • PH Sport.
  • 4×2 Petrol and Diesel

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