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2021 : Victoire
2020 : 3e
2019 : Abandon
2018 : 4e
2017 : Victoire
2016 : Victoire
2015 : 11e
2014 : 2e
2013 : Victoire
2012 : Victoire
2011 : 4e
2010 : 4e
2009 : Abandon
2007 : Victoire
2006 : 4e
2005 : Victoire
2004 : Victoire
2003 : 3e
2002 : Abandon
2001 : 12e
2000 : 2e
1999 : 7e
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1998 : Victoire
1997 : Victoire
1996 : Abandon
1995 : Victoire
1993 : Victoire
1992 : Victoire
1991 : Victoire
1990 : Abandon
1989 : 4e
1988 : 18e

2019 : 2e de la Coupe du monde tout terrain (Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge, 1er / Rally Kazakhstan, 2e / Rally du Maroc, 4e)
2017 : Silk Way Rally (5ème)
2016 : Silk Way Rally (15ème)
2015 : vainqueur du China Grand Rally
2013 : vainqueur du Rally dos Sertoes, 3ème de la Baja d’Espagne
2012 : vainqueur de la Baja d’Espagne, vainqueur du Rally dos Sertoes
2010 : vainqueur du rallye du Maroc, vainqueur de la Baja d’Espagne
2009 : vainqueur du rallye du Maroc
2008 : vainqueur du Pax Rallye Portugal, Dakar Series
2007 : vainqueur de l’UAE Desert Challenge et de la Baja d’Espagne
2006 : vainqueur du rallye de Tunisie
2005 : vainqueur de l’UAE Desert Challenge
2004 : vainqueur du rallye de Tunisie, du rallye du Maroc
2003 : vainqueur de l’UAE Desert Challenge
2002 : vainqueur du rallye de Tunisie, de l’UAE Desert Challenge
11 fois champion de France d’Enduro
9 fois vainqueur du Trèfle Lozérien


“My last big challenge”

As a teenage skateboarding champion, Stéphane Peterhansel was already captivated by the images of the Dakar in the 1980s, with Cyril Neveu and Hubert Auriol eating up the dunes of the Sahara. But he had no idea that forty years later, he would be sitting on a mountain of 14 titles and embarking on a very revolutionary technological challenge. His talent and precociousness led to an ultra-fast learning curve in rally-raid. He won his first Dakar in 1991. The rider with the blue bandana won a total of six titles in eight years aboard a Yamaha. When he moved to four wheels, the skills he acquired on a bike were soon put to good use: seventh on his first go in 1999, he stepped onto the second step of the podium the following year. In 2004, "Peter" joined Hubert Auriol to become the second competitor in Dakar history to win both on a bike and in a car. The continuation of the "Mitsu" saga brought him two more trophies, in 2005 and 2007. After the withdrawal of the Japanese firm, Peterhansel joined X-Raid, but it was not until 2012 that he won his 10th title. Not satisfied with this winning streak, 'Mr. Dakar' followed up with another victory in 2013. A new challenge came in 2015 with the return of Peugeot to the Dakar, and in 2016, "Peter" was able to make the lion roar for the first time since Ari Vatanen's success with his 405. The series continued with the 3008 to go for a 13th title after an intense duel with teammate Sébastien Loeb. Last January, he added another success to his record, becoming the only driver to have won in Africa, South America and now Asia. The collection could have prompted the greatest raider on the planet to retire. But Audi proposed one of the most attractive challenges of his career: to participate in the design and development of the first electric vehicle capable of winning the Dakar. For the German manufacturer, the first phase of this mission consists of lining up three vehicles at the start in Jeddah on 1 January, without knowing exactly the potential of this RS Q e-tron. In the number 200, Peterhansel will be accompanied, as he was last year, by Edouard Boulanger, who had the pleasure of winning his first Dakar as an elite co-driver, after having worked as a “mapman” for KTM and Toyota.

S.P.: “Among my 14 victories, the one last year is in the top three: because it was a great battle with Nasser, because it was in a new country and because I could share it with a new co-driver. It was the ideal moment to stop... but Audi proposed a great challenge. I had to do it. I wanted to be part of this adventure. This year we did a lot of testing, and on the first outing with the car, we only did about 60 kilometres in a week! There are a lot of parameters to adjust, such as the weight, because with the two types of engines and the battery, it is very heavy. The ride, however, is remarkably smooth: with the adjustments that the electronics make, you always have a response in terms of power. It is quite easy to drive, with a lot of feedback. But the Dakar is the most complicated rally on the equipment. We must anticipate overheating issues with the batteries, the engines and the electronics that also have some bugs to work out. In any case, we can already calculate that if we finish the Dakar, we should save around 40% of fuel, which is particularly interesting if you put it on a global scale. The curiosity to see this was too great. It is my last big challenge. If I manage to win with an electric car, I will have done it all.”
E.B.: “We had an exceptional finish on the 2021 Dakar, but it was still stressful because, in reality, we were never in control. And we did not expect to take the lead so early. It was a dream for me to win the Dakar, and in the end, it was the heist of the year. Now we are involved in the Audi project, and Stéphane and I are quite complementary. He has the feeling and I, as a mechanical engineer, have the concepts. The driving style is changing enormously, to an extent we never imagined. What makes it interesting to be present at the origin of this challenge is that we are participating in the architecture of this car. This is something that I am very interested in, and it is even a career project because Audi is proposing to enter a new era. So, I try to understand everything. From a racing perspective, I am not sure what we can expect because we are not competitive for the time being. And there will certainly be some teething problems with the car. But we are preparing ourselves for the worse, to have some nice surprises”.




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Summary - 12/01 20:08 [GMT +3]

Dakar 2022 - Stage 10 | Another notch on Peterhansel and Price's belts

The competitors left Wadi ad-Dawasir this morning to tackle a 759 km stage. They headed due south, initially towards Najran Province for the start of a 375 km special that wove its way around the Wajid and Hejaz plateaus, whose peaks top out at 1,770 masl in landscapes found nowhere else on Earth. In contrast, those in 'Asir Province have rocky outcrops that jut out...

Reactions - 12/01 14:40 [GMT +3] - Car

Stéphane Peterhansel: "This is good for morale"

The absolute recordman of the rally took his 82nd Dakar special, his first behind the wheel of an Audi RS Q e-tron.

"It was one of our first clean specials, without shock absorber issues, punctures or navigation problems. We haven't had any big mechanicals since the start of the second week, so we're making good progress and having fun driving...

Reactions - 10/01 14:38 [GMT +3] - Car

Stéphane Peterhansel: “In theory, we’ve sorted out the problem with the suspension”

Peter, 2nd today, was accompanied by the two other Audis in the top four, which goes to show that the RS Q e-tron is capable of competing.

“We were turning around and about for about five minutes at the end in my opinion and I know that Mattias Ekström wasn’t far behind. Before that, we hit a dune and lost our bonnet, so we had to...

Reactions - 04/01 17:47 [GMT +3] - Car

Stéphane Peterhansel: “We’re not putting a knife to our own throats”

Peter, third on the day’s special, is gaining an increasing grasp of the performances of his Audi with every passing day.

“We shouldn’t get carried away. We’re trying to drive as fast as possible, without taking any risks. We are not aiming for overall victory, so we have a different focus. We’re driving at a good pace...

Newsflashes - 03/01 16:27 [GMT +3] - Car

Peterhansel in the race but out of the reckoning!

Stéphane Peterhansel, who suffered mechanical problems yesterday, was forced to wait for his assistance team participating in the T5 category to help him repair and resume the special. Assistance between FIA competitors is authorised by the rules and trucks are participating in the Dakar with this aim in mind. Unfortunately, Peter was over the time limit when he reached...

Reactions - 03/01 16:03 [GMT +3] - Car

Stéphane Peterhansel: “We are going to try to win some specials”

Out of the reckoning for overall triumph this year following a penalty of almost 27 hours, the title holder is readying himself to drive different sort of race, but with the same old determination. Today, he achieved the fourth best time and is looking to do better!

“I hope that we will win some stages before the end of the rally, but it was...

Reactions - 01/01 12:00 [GMT +3] - Car

Stéphane Peterhansel: "Softly, softly"

The defending champion conceded over a minute to the stage winner, Nasser Al-Attiyah, but the result was of secondary importance to the new Audi's Dakar debut.

"At the start of the special, when we saw the countdown, it was quite emotional because we've been working hard for months on end. We approached this special softly, softly. We raced for 20 kilometres...

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