(aus) 1.88m / 93kg


dirt-bikes, wake boarding, go karting


KTM, Red Bull

2023: 2nd (2 stage wins)
2022: 10th (1 stage win)
2021: Ab. Stage 9 (2 stage wins)
2020: 3rd (2 stage wins)
2019: 1st (1 stage win)
2018: 3rd (2 stage wins)
2017: ab stage 4 (1 stage win)
2016: 1st (5 stage wins)
2015: 3rd (1 stage win)

2023: Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge (3rd). Sonora Rally (4th), Desafio Ruta 40 (9th), Morocco Rally (1st), W2RC (2nd)
Finke desert Race (cars: 1st)
2023: Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge (4th). Morocco Rally (Ab.),
Finke desert Race (cars: 1st), Baja 400 (cars: 5th) , Baja 1000 (cars: Ab.)
2021: Morocco Rally (13th). Finke desert Race (1st), Baja 1000
2020: Andalucia Rally (4th)
2019: Atacama Rally (4th), Morocco Rally (4th). Finke desert Race (Ab.), Baja 1000
2018: Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge (7th), Atacama Rally (2nd), Desafio Ruta 40 (2nd), Morocco Rally (1st); FIM World Champion. Finke desert Race (1st), Baja 1000 (5th in a car)
2016: 1st Morroco Rally (1st), Abu Dhabi Challenge (1st)
2015: Chile Rally (9th), Morocco Rally (Ab.)
2014: Morocco Rally (8th)
2012: Baja 1000 (2nd)
Finke Desert Rally (6 victories)
Hattah Desert Race (4 victories)


“I need my luck to change”

Toby Price has all the makings of a modern-day warrior. He could easily play a role in any Mad Max, old or new generation. Firstly, because of his looks: long hair down his neck, dusty, unkempt beard. Secondly, because of his agility at the handlebars or behind the wheel of a racing car. He's not the most philosophical of speakers. When interviewed, he talks about himself in the third person, not out of pretension but to include the team accompanying him in his exploits and to talk only about racing, racing, racing. He doesn't like lengthy speeches. During the last Rally of Morocco, he found the solution despite himself. A crash and contact between a tree branch and his throat cut off his voice. Zero communication, but the goal remains unchanged: win a third Dakar, equal Richard Sainct (1999, 2000 and 2003) and overtake Hubert Auriol, Gaston Rahier and Fabrizio Meoni. The Australian is a seasoned competitor who will contest his 10th Dakar in January and has impressed ever since he discovered the rally. In 2015, a young Australian with the build of a centre third row arrived at the rally like a UFO. Toby Price was an unknown quantity on the global scale of the Dakar. He was known for his speed and quickly learned the subtleties of navigation without ever breaking down on his way to an impressive podium finish. A year later, as part of the factory KTM team, Price more than confirmed his status by becoming the first Australian in any category to win the event. His second crown in Lima in 2019 is proof of his courage in the face of hardship, this time due to a bruised wrist, having spent his career visiting numerous hospitals across the globe. Last year, the native of Hilston in New South Wales didn't relinquish first place in the rally until the final day, beaten by teammate Kevin Benavides by just 43 seconds. Second place was also his final position in the last W2RC, beaten this time by Luciano Benavides despite winning the Rally of Morocco. This second position is beginning to irritate him somewhat, especially as Price has never yet triumphed in Saudi Arabia. A third victory could mark a change of direction. The 36-year-old is also enjoying a successful career on four wheels. This year, he won the Finke Desert Race in Australia for the third consecutive time and has set his sights, once again, on the Baja 1000. The transition for the Dakars to come seems to have been made.

“The last Dakar was so close. Kudos to Kevin Benavides, who did a great job. I knew it would be very close. I had to fight hard on every stage. I missed three-way points by a few metres on the last special stage. I lost precious time going backwards. Of course, the goal was to win, and it's so frustrating to lose by such a small margin. But I finished in good shape, without injury, and still came away with a trophy, and that's the most important thing. I'm ready for another edition and look forward to the next Dakar. As far as the Rally of Morocco is concerned, it's like that. I won the rally, but not winning the championship is hard to swallow. That's just the way it is. Congratulations to Luciano (Benavides). We had a great fight, and I did everything I could. I've always given 100%. I only need my luck to change a bit.”




  • KTM
  • Red Bull KTM factory team
  • Red Bull KTM factory team
  • Rally GP

Ranking 2024

All news of T. Price

Summary - 19/01 17:53 [GMT +3]

Dakar 2024: Brabec and Sainz, masters of the dunes

The 46th edition of the Dakar, the 5th to be organised in Saudi Arabia, has finished after more than 4,700 kilometres of specials and a total distance of almost 8,000 kilometres, which tested the riders, drivers, co-pilots and crews, from the ancient city of AlUla to the shores of the Red Sea, passing through the oceans of dunes in the Empty Quarter. The major winners of the 2024...

Summary - 17/01 17:25 [GMT +3]

Dakar 2024 - Stage 10 | When the going gets tough, the tough get going


Fresh memories never lie. Seeing the loop carved out near AlUla, starting and finishing at the bivouac where everyone had gathered less than two weeks ago, it was a given that this special was going to be a wild ride. The timed sector stretched for 371 kilometres on sandy terrain with a need for speed, either on the track or off-track, sometimes through rocky areas,...

Summary - 13/01 19:03 [GMT +3]

After the Empty Quarter

After six stages and a total of eight days of racing, including the prologue in AlUla, the 46th edition of the Dakar has been a roller-coaster of breakthrough performances, vindications, debacles, plot twists, comebacks and surprises on the tracks and dunes of Saudi Arabia. The culmination of the first week, the brand-new 48H Chrono concept, scattered drivers and co-drivers...

Reactions - 10/01 16:38 [GMT +3] - Bike

Toby Price: "We gotta try and play a little bit of a catch-up game now"

Flying under the radar until now, Toby Price clinched third place in stage 5. However, the Australian, a two-time Dakar champ, still trails Ross Branch by over half an hour, with Branch reclaiming the lead in Shubaytah.

"It was quite tricky. There was a lot of drops in there. The liaison section part would have been quite dangerous in there. So I'm...

Newsflashes - 10/01 12:05 [GMT +3] - Bike

Price third fastest

Price has just posted the third-fastest time in the first third of the special. The man from Oz started the stage in fourteenth place. We will have a clear snapshot of the state of play once Quintanilla and Sanders, who started eighteenth and nineteenth, have gone through the time check.

Newsflashes - 08/01 14:12 [GMT +3] - Bike

Howes and Price recover their time helping Bühler

Skyler Howes and Toby Price stopped to help Sebastian Bühler after his accident and should respectively be recredited with 17’46’’ and 18’03’’, putting the American in 6th place on the day, 5’ behind the stage winner, and the Australian in 10th place, 8’05’’ behind Quintanilla.

Newsflashes - 08/01 13:59 [GMT +3] - Bike

Bühler exits the Dakar

Sebastian Bühler crashed after 360 kilometres of the special. Toby Price and Skyler Howes stopped to assist the Hero rider. The German, conscious and able to move, was suffering from lower back pain. He has been airlifted by helicopter to hospital for a complete check-up. Price and Howes will get their downtime back at the finish of the stage. With the retirement of Joachim...

Newsflashes - 07/01 12:25 [GMT +3] - Bike

Nacho takes control

Branch, Cornejo and Brabec are still opening the road and harvesting bonuses at km 342. Nacho leads on raw time, with Luciano Benavides at 1′30″, Pablo Quintanilla at 2′08″ and Toby Price at 2′18″. Branch is still in command of the virtual overall after factoring in the bonuses, but the Honda men are drawing closer, with Cornejo at 3′17″,...

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