(fra) 1.77m / 74kg


Footing, quad, moto


Yamaha, SMX Racing, Dragon Distribution, Padilla Sport,Team Menduni, Midali, Alliance Matériaux, Alpes Mat, ACMS

2021 : Abandon (12e étape)
2020 : Abandon (7e étape)
2019 : 4e
2018 : 11e
2017 : 11e

2021 : 3e du rally du Maroc
2020 : 2e du rallye d’Andalousie
2019 : 5e du rallye du Maroc (1 victoire d’étape)
2019 : 7e des championnats du monde des Bajas
2018 : 2e du rallye de Grèce
2017 : 3e du rallye de Grèce
2016 : 8e du Merzouga Rally
2015 : Champion du monde des Bajas


“We hope that this will be the year”

Alexandre Giroud hasn't finished the Dakar in the past two editions. Yet the Grenoble native led the quad category in wins with four. But a stone on the course dashed the Frenchman's hopes. He has the bit between his teeth this year for his fifth participation. Twenty-five years after his father, Giroud has done everything possible to give himself the best chance to win the quad category. He has collaborated with a physical trainer who takes care of Olivier Panis' family, and he has put together a daily training programme of more than one hour. Alexandre won a round of the Baja d'Aragón on his quad, and he finished in the top five of his category in the world quad championship round in Pont de Vaux. He then finished third on the Morocco rally after losing more than an hour. Giroud has a mental coach who works with F1 drivers to manage any conceivable situation, who helps him to find the right balance between his job, family life, budget and sport. Everything has come together to aim for victory.

A.G.: “I took out a six-year loan to participate in my first Dakar, and I have just finished paying it off! It's a passion and a will that has no equal. Out of five Dakars, I have finished three, and we have run at the sharp end of the order the past two years, and we hope that this will be the year 25 years after my father. Unfortunately, my father passed away from Covid, so this will be an emotional edition. I know where my passion for the Dakar comes from, and it will be my driving force this year. A podium result would be nice. But if we can win, we will go for it. I have a loyal team that has grown over the years to perform as well as possible. And in the context of the Dakar, to experience an amazing adventure.”




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  • Team Giroud
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Ranking 2022

All news of A. Giroud

Reactions - 14/01 15:14 [GMT +3] - Quad

Alexandre Giroud: "I'm lost for words"

25 years after his father Daniel became the first quad rider to finish the Dakar, Alexandre Giroud has won the category, which makes him the first French victor since its official inception in 2009.

"It's fantastic. It hasn't sunk in yet, I'm lost for words. Inside the final 100 k, I kept thinking to myself, 'just 50 k to go, 40, 30…'....

Reactions - 13/01 15:22 [GMT +3] - Quad

Alexandre Giroud: “Avoid making any mistakes”

There is only one stage left to calmly cover for Alexandre Giroud before he can savour the title that is within his grasp: he boasts a lead of 2 hours and 41 minutes over Argentinean Francisco Moreno, his nearest pursuer in the general rankings.

“What I have to do now is bring the machine to the finish and especially avoid making any mistakes....

Newsflashes - 13/01 14:54 [GMT +3] - Quad

The Drag'on team are breathing fire

While Brazilian Marcelo Medeiros has once again led proceedings and has won today, 5’04’’ ahead of Kamil Wiśniewski and 9’48’’ in front of Francisco Moreno, all eyes are already turned towards the general rankings, where Alexandre Giroud is still in a serene position with a lead of 2:41'24'' over Argentina’s Moreno, who instead will...

Newsflashes - 13/01 12:38 [GMT +3] - Quad

Medeiros shows panache, Giroud still in place

Marcelo Medeiros, in keeping with his habit over the last few days, has dominated the beginning of the special. After 214 km, he boasts a lead of 6'19'' over Kamil Wiśniewski, 6'57 over Francisco Moreno and 8'46'' over Alexandre Giroud. In the virtual general rankings, the Frenchman possesses a lead of 2:41'42'' over the Argentinean, who himself has a lead of 6 minutes over...

Reactions - 12/01 17:02 [GMT +3] - Quad

Alexandre Giroud: "I am my own worst enemy"

The leader of the quad race benefited from the ordeal of his Argentinian-Americal rival, Pablo Copetti, to reach Bisha with 2 h 36 in hand over Kamil Wiśniewski, now second overall.

"For me, today was the longest and psychologically toughest stage so far. I saw Copetti on the side of the track and that was it, so I think he ran into some...

Newsflashes - 12/01 11:19 [GMT +3] - Quad

Giroud in a league of his own

No longer having to contend with Copetti, Alexandre Giroud seized the lead of the special at the first time check and never looked back. 213 km into the special, he leads Medeiros by 40" and Wiśniewski by 1'58". The Frenchman started the stage with a whopping 22 hours in hand over the Brazilian and over 2 hours over the Pole. Yet, as Andújar and Copetti's withdrawals...

Newsflashes - 11/01 13:39 [GMT +3] - Quad

Copetti wins and regains 5 minutes on Giroud

Pablo Copetti has won the day’s special ahead of general rankings leader Alexandre Giroud. The Argentinean with an American passport has regained 5 minutes on the Frenchman who now has a lead of 24'31'' over his nearest pursuer. With 3rd place today, Francisco Moreno is hot on the heels of Kamil Wiśniewski in the fight for the last place on the podium. On completion of...

Newsflashes - 11/01 11:01 [GMT +3] - Quad

Copetti regains a little time

After 118 km, Pablo Copetti has taken the lead on the special from Brazilian Marcelo Medeiros, who trails him by 1'22''. Giroud is not far off, at only 1'55'' behind. In the virtual general rankings, the Frenchman leads comfortably, but Copetti has regained some ground, moving to within 28'52''. Giroud’s lead means he can content himself with controlling his advance, though...

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