(nld) Born on 03/06/1987 at 's hertogenbosch 1.83m / 83kg


Aelbers Personeel, DVC Beregening, Synlix, Van den Heuvel Transport, Jan van Gemert Mechanisatie

1st participation

2018: Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge (21st), Serres Rally (3rd), Rallye du Maroc (17th), Portugese Rally-raid championship
2017: Hellas Rally, Serres Rally
5 x times Dutch champion Enduro, European champion Enduro 2-stroke (2014)


“To compete in the Dakar is a boy’s dream”

Paul Spierings was at work as a construction worker, Monday morning 5 o’clock, the day after he became Dutch endurance champion 2016. He showed a video of his win to one of his colleagues, who made a phone call to his bosses at recruiting agency Aelbers. Less than a week later Spierings had a sponsor contract to help him fulfilling his childhood dream: making it to the Dakar. Not too long before Spierings had just decided to quit racing. He could ride a motorbike before he learned how to cycle, and had been successful in amateur classes, but getting to a higher level would mean he needed a much bigger budget. Instead he choose to get married and settle down with his wife and two kids, until the unexpected possibility the recruitment agency gave him, changed everything.

P.S.: “Aelbers Personnel gave me the chance to do this, after I became national champion in 2016 without even being too serious. To compete in the Dakar is a boy’s dream. At least, if you love to ride in the sand which I do. I was a few days at the start of Dakar 2018, to get a taste of what it’s like. What happens at scrutineering, the start, and etcetera. It was impressive to see the scale of the event from up close, but I think as a rider in the race it will be completely different. With the start of the Dakar almost two years of preparation comes to an end.”



  • Mark : HUSQVARNA
  • Model : FR 450 RR
  • Performance tuner : HT Rally-Raid
  • Assistance : HT Rally-Raid
  • Class : M_G2.1 : G2.1 Super Production – 0 à 450 cm3

Ranking 2019

Scratch Stage General
1 65 65 65
2 72 72 70
3 52 52 60
4 45 45 54
5 36 36 42
6 38 37 37
7 37 37 35
8 31 30 29
9 21 21 27
10 33 33 26

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