N°910 Classic TECNOSPORT


(ita) 1.89m / 89kg



2023: 74th Dakar Classic, 5th in the H0T class
18th participation in the Dakar

100 rallyes in Italy and abroad (Rallye des Pharaons, Rallye d’Algérie, Africa Race…)


“We want to highlight the history of Iveco in the Dakar”

Giuseppe Francesco Simonato is fascinated by the “myth” of the Dakar… And he is a proper legend himself, with decades of achievements, getting ready to tackle his 18th participation aboard a truck -a Magirus- he knows inside out with his experience as an Iveco specialist. From Africa to Saudi Arabia, passing by South America, he’s seen everything in the Dakar… Now he takes Alessio Bentivoglio under his wing. Born at the end of the 1980s, at a time when the Magirus was already roaming the desert, the mechanic “represents the future” according to Simonato.

G.S.: “The Dakar is a myth. Thierry Sabine, who is a myth himself, pushed the frontiers of human adventures. I’ve done several rally-raids and I’m a lover of extreme explorations. The Dakar is kind of the template for this type of adventures and it’s a unique race. For me, it’s pure passion with the racing, the off road and the places we see. It was wonderful in Africa, beautiful in South America and it’s fascinating to visit a country such as Saudi Arabia.
This time, I have two aims with Tecnosport: provide assistance to the vehicles of the team and also try to be competitive in the truck category. We have an Iveco Magirus, a truck that has made history in the Dakar back in the 1980s. The motor is a bit small but it’s a very agile truck which makes it relatively easy to drive and we want to highlight the history of Iveco in the Dakar and how important Iveco has been in this race.
Alessio has been a great mechanic to prepare the truck. He’s young, I value him and I wanted to launch him in the Dakar, because he represents a future made of skills and passion, the same principles that got me going 30 years ago.”

A.B.: “This is my first participation but my company already prepared a car last year for the Dakar Classic. I’ve felt good preparing this edition. I’m with Beppe and he has lots of experience. He gave me this opportunity and I’m sure everything will go fine. For a mechanic like me, and someone who likes competition, the Dakar is the event. It’s not just a matter of speed, there are so many things around that make it a unique aventure. Especially for trucks, there are amazing vehicles. Dakar is the best.”




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  • Classic Truck (moderate average) 87-96

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