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Kove Rally Team

First participation

2019: MXGP Motocross World Championship

National Motocross Championship
National ATV Champion


“It's a great sporting challenge”

Liansong Deng has been dreaming about doing the Dakar since childhood, and the 30-year-old has finally been given the opportunity to line up at the world's toughest rally in 2023. After being inspired to get into offroad racing by his brother, Liansong has emerged as one of China's most talented young riders on two wheels and four, representing his country at the FIM Motocross World Championship and winning the national quads (ATV) title. He has now earned his place at Dakar 2023 with the ambitious Kove Rally team, who are hoping to catch the eye in Saudi Arabia with their Chinese-made bikes. Liansong is one of three riders who was chosen to represent Kove after try-outs, along with Ming Ji Fang and Sunier Sunier. The trio recently did some training in Dubai with the Duust Rally Team, picking up invaluable advice from riders like Konrad Dabrowski and his father Marek, who has done the Dakar no fewer than 15 times. The Kove Rally trio are gearing up for a serious baptism of fire at this 45th edition, but they are still hopeful of making it safely through to the finish line on 15 January.

“My brother is also a cross-country racer, and I’ve watched him training and racing since I was young. I thought it was very cool, that planted the seed of racing for me. I’ve also known about the Dakar since I was a kid. It's been a lifelong dream of mine to participate, and Kove has given us the platform. I chose to take part without hesitation. It's a great sporting challenge. Watching Chinese drivers in the Dakar has also made it feel one step closer. I hope I will learn more about the rally from them. I’m looking forward to it! Since our entry was accepted, I’ve been feeling excited and a little nervous. For the first time, we’ll be facing all kinds of unknown problems. But we are ready. Every athlete has a desire to win. But this year is just a starting point for us, to take our new self-developed bike to the toughest rally in the world! Our goal is to complete each stage safely and quickly, and reach the finish line.”



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