(prt) 1.82m / 92kg


Mountain Bike, Surf, and Enduro/ TT

الجهات الراعية

Vivaldo's, Cuica Praia, Grelha do Ti Manel, RS Motos, Motoglobo, Club Aventura Touareg, Helite UFO Airbag, Mikael Berglund, Sermais HealthClub, Andreia Guerreiro Designs

2021: first appearance

1 x Africa Ecorace
2 x Merzouga Rally
1 x Algerian International Rally
1 x Intercontinental Rally


“I love what I do”

It was only in march of 2020 that Alexandre Azinhais decided to go for the Dakar. To live his dream, he turned to the Club Aventura Touareg, a Spanish structure specialised in organising adventure trips, training and assistance on rallies around the world. Passion and fun are really what pushed the Portuguese born in Biarritz, France to go for it. His relationship with motorcycles started at a young age and after first competing on speed bikes he switched to off-road rallies some 12 years ago. North Africa has no secrets for Alexandre, a father of two who raced events like the Africa Eco Race, Merzouga Rally or Algerian International rally. It’s now time for this restaurant owner to discover a new continent and try to reach the finish of the Dakar in Saudi Arabia.

“The Dakar represents for me the ultimate endurance motor race, where you challenge your mental and physical limits and also have to manage your own motorcycle. It also represents freedom and joy because I love what I do. I started riding motorcycles at a very young age but only started racing at 29. First with speedbikes for 3 years where I made it to the Portuguese National Championship, then I started doing off-road as a complement to training. I just fell in love with it. From there I competed in enduro and cross country races. I now wish to be a Dakar finisher and have as much fun I can get.”



  • العلامة : KTM
  • الطراز : 450 RALLY REPLICA
  • نظام تعديل الأداء : Club Aventura Touareg
  • مساعدة : Club Aventura Touareg
  • الفئة : ماراثون

التصنيف 2021

شطب المرحلة عام
0 71 71 71
1 64 64 64
2 66 66 66
3 67 67 66
4 92 92 -
5 88 88 -
6 70 73 -
7 69 69 -
8 70 70 -
9 66 66 -
10 63 63 -
11 66 66 -
12 67 67 -

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