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الجهات الراعية

Energylandia, MOYA Stacja, Przyjazny Wegiel, Cobant Group, Western Camp Resort, Energy 2000, South Racing, Can-am, Motul, Tensor Tires, Method, OMP, Bell, Lazer

First participation

2020: Baja Szczecinek, Baja Poland, Baja Drawsko
2019: Italian Baja


“There's no cure for positive adrenaline”

As the owner of Poland's biggest theme park, Energylandia, Marek Goczal knows a thing or two about excitement. The 45-year-old is preparing for the biggest thrill of his racing career as he lines up on his maiden Dakar with the highly experienced Rafal Marton. Marek has always had a passion for motorsport, but didn't necessarily have the means to compete in his early years. After making his first outings in classic rally in the late 1990s -coming close to the Polish championship title in a Skoda Felicia in 1998- Marek took a long break from the sport, focusing instead on developing his various business interests. In recent years he has discovered cross-country events, which he describes as "more fun and laidback" than traditional car rallies. Marek went on to set up the Energylandia Rally Team with his younger brother Michal, who's also making his Dakar debut this year. They will be competing in South Racing-prepared Can-Am XRS, in the competitive T4 SSV class. Marek, whose son Eryk is also mad about motorsport, will be glad to lean on the knowledge and expertise of Rafal, who boasts one of the most impressive CVs in Polish rally raid. The 49-year-old raced his first Dakar in 2002, and acted as Maciej Domzala's co-driver in the SSVs in the past two editions. Rally is also a family affair for 'Rafanga'; his son is the co-driver of Maciej's son Aron Domzala, who is among the favourites in the SSVs with the Monster Energy Can-Am team.

M.G.: “I've always been interested in motorsport, even since I was a child. Rally was popular in our neighborhood, because Damian Gielata and Maciek Baran both started out here. As a youngster, I also wanted to race in rallies, but I didn't have the budget for it. So after many years, my biggest dream of participating in the Dakar is finally coming true. In this year's Polish Championship, I decided to trade the Can-Am Maverick X3 for a Volkswagen Amarok, in the T1 cars category. I wanted to compare the two and decide which was the best class for us. In the end, we'll stick with the SSVs. The last round also gave me a chance to test with Rafal Marton, for us to start working together before tackling the hardest rally in the world. Motorsport is definitely a family thing. My wife is a manager on the team, and my son Eryk has petrol in his veins, instead of blood! There's no cure for positive adrenaline. Once you've been infected, you're always on the lookout for it. For me, the greatest thrills come from riding extreme vehicles, like rally cars, or watching my son take part in stunt shows. They're the moments that stay with you, the ones you'll still remember when you get old.”

R.M.: “There's a theory among people who have done the Dakar. No matter how angry you get at the rally, no matter how tired you are, no matter how many times you say, 'Never again!'… A week after you get home from the Dakar, all you can think about is starting the next one. We call that a person with a grain of sand in their heart! I've done the Dakar on three continents, and this is my second time in Saudi Arabia. It's extremely tough, but I know what to expect. The SSV class is very open.”



  • العلامة : CAN - AM
  • الطراز : XRS
  • نظام تعديل الأداء : South Racing - Can am/ Energylandia Rally Team
  • مساعدة : South Racing - Can am/ Energylandia Rally Team
  • الفئة : العربات الصحراوية تي4.1 سلسلة التوربو

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