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Quad biking, socializing, gym, driving, watersports

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2022: 14th
2021: 32nd
2016: 3rd (quad, 2 stage wins)
2015: Ab. Stage 2 (quad)

2022: South Cross-country Series
2021: South Cross-country Series
2020: South Cross-country Series
2015 : South African off-road champion
2014 : Botswana Desert Race (4th – Dakar Challenge winner)
2011 and 2013 : winner of the GOC Series
2008: MX National Quad MX Championship (Pro 450 Class), National Off-road Quad


Even bigger expectations for the CR6-T

The man behind the steering wheel is also one of the key reasons why the Century Racing buggy is going so well. Brian Baragwanath isn’t only fast, he also knows his car by heart. Indeed for several years now he’s been working for Century Racing as an engineer. And his main pride is seeing ten of his “babies” including his on the start line of the next Dakar. But his Dakar adventure started on a far smaller beast. He was indeed on a quad when he discovered the rally in South America. Despite retiring from his first Dakar in 2015, Brian Baragwanath impressed a year later when he finished on the podium of the rally. A severe elbow injury forced him to stop riding and turn to four wheels. His comeback on the Dakar occurred in 2021 and what a comeback it was. As soon as the opening prologue, he hit hard by capturing second spot and managed a similar performance several days later on a proper Dakar stage. After finishing 32nd, Baragwanath flew to 14th spot last year. His expectations are even bigger for this 45th edition. Alongside Leonard Cremer with whom he started competing back in 2016 on the South African cross-country scene, the 34-year-old will be driving the newest CR6-T model powered by a V6 engine.




  • CR6-T
  • Custom built, Century Racing
  • Century Racing
  • T1.2 Prototype Cross-Country Cars 4x2

التصنيف 2023

جميع الأخبار B. Baragwanath

التفاعل - 07/01 14:50 [GMT +3] - سيارات

براين باراغواناث: "إنها مرحلة سريعة جداً تتناسب مع مركبات الدفع الثنائي"

الخامس بفارق أكثر من ١٣ دقيقة عن الفائز. تمكن من استخراج قوة مركبته ثنائية الدفع. بالرغم من أن الارتفاع حدّ من أدائها.

"لقد كانت مرحلة سريعة جداً تتناسب جيداً مع مركبات الدفع الثنائي. لكن الارتفاع عقّد من عملها ومستوى الأداء. لو كنا ضمن ارتفاع أخفض لكانت الأمور تغيرت، لكننا مسرورون بالمنافسات. لم تكن هناك آثار الدراجات اليوم ولم يكن من الممكن الاعتماد...

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