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First participation

OiLibya Rally of Morocco 2015 and 2016
Italian Baja 2015 and 2019
Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge 2016
Baja Aragon 2016 and 2017


“I want to have fun, and finish”

The female duo of Valentina Casella and Monica Buonamano face their first Dakar in 2023. But the dunes won’t intimidate Casella, who inherited a passion for rallying from her father and arrives at the peak of her career having successfully tackled a range of high-profile events in both Europe and Africa. Buonamano’s career is even more extensive, accumulating titles as a co-driver since 1991 and experiencing desert racing in settings such as Tunisia, UAE and Egypt alongside historic races in Europe. But the Dakar will provide her first chance to compete in an all-female team and Buonamano will mark the occasion by proudly wearing red shoes, representing the fight against domestic violence.

V.C.: “When looking at the challenge ahead, it’s important to remember to have fun, so let's start calmly and see what awaits us. The goal is to do our best, reach the finish and then see how the results play out. I know this type of terrain well and feel ready, hopefully the desert will be humid which will also make driving easier.”

M.B.: “I’ve competed for several years in historic races but there will be plenty to learn as we go along at the Dakar, especially being a regularity event. It’s always been a dream to take part and we’ll do our best. Teamwork will be key for such an arduous event.”




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