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“The time had come to take on this adventure”

Dakar enthusiasts are used to celebrating the turn of the year with a new edition of the world’s greatest rally. January marks the 46th edition of the event, and also the 60th anniversary of Andrea Belometti, born on the first day of the year, and now gearing for his maiden participation. Owner of five cars dating from before World War II (you can easily find him driving a Fiat 508 in the Mille Miglia or other regularity rallyes), he met with fellows passionates from the team Desert Endurance Motorsport, led by Ermanno De Angelis and Nunzia Del Gaudio, who also participate in the Dakar Classic, aboard an Iveco Truck, and provide Belometti with a Nissan GR from 1999. And the soon-to-be 60 takes on board his friend Luigi Derossi, for them to take a few steps further their shared passion for motors.

A.B.: “I wanted to treat myself with a gift. And I’ve been wanting to do the Dakar for such a long time… I was dreaming about riding a bike but it was too hard and I never did it. But in the past years, the Dakar Classic came and I think it’s a beautiful concept. Last January, I was looking at the standings and I figured the time had come to take on this adventure.
Luigi and I have been friends for many many years and I figured he was the right person to do the Dakar. We want to do a nice race. We are quite prepared. We know the tools and we want to get in there and get results. The first goal is to finish the race, make it to the end, but we also think about doing a good result, at least in the top-10.
We’ve been in Tunisia for a week to drive on the sand. I’m also training at home, at the gym. And the regularity rallies I do get me to drive a lot. I feel ready, very very animated, and very moved. But above all, I feel fortunate to do such a race.”

L.D.: “I’ve always been passionate for motors: bikes, motocross, speed… And Andrea has been a friend forever and he had this idea to go for this adventure and I seized the opportunity. Dakar represents a dream, something I’ve followed for decades, since I was a kid. When we were teenagers, 15 or 16, I was doing motocross and we were all dreaming about doing it. It’s a beautiful gift.
He called me and told me: “I’m doing the Dakar and I want you to be my co-pilot”.
And I said: “I’m very grateful and honoured.” And that’s how we started this adventure.
My role will be to support my driver, who will be under a heavy load. We want to be efficient and make the most of the situation. We have a great car, with a distinctive look, aggressive… I love it.
I feel very excited, animated and fortunate to participate in this great global event. It’s a dream come true. I never thought I would have such a beautiful opportunity. I struggle to find the words… I struggle to imagine in such little time I’ll be doing it with a friend!”




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