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(rus) Né le 19/01/1979 à WASHINGTON DC USA


Red Bull, Motul, The North Face, Toyota, Bosch, Yakhnich, MXT, SB, WP Suspension

2017: first appearance

2016: Albania rally, Atacama Rally, Morocco Rally (33rd)
2016: Africa Eco Race


“My daughter thinks I’m not an ordinary mum”

She made history on her first appearance at the Dakar when she was not only the first Russian woman to compete on a bike but also the first to finish it at a fine 75th position. Anastasiya Nifontova returns two years after with the intention to once again enter the history books: this time, and although she won’t be the only one, she intends to be the first woman to finish the Dakar with absolutely no assistance as part of the Original by Motul class. To do so, other than her normal physical preparation, she’s been focusing on learning the key mechanical aspects of her Husqvarna and how to deal with any issue. The Russian mother of two likes a challenge and there’s no bigger challenge than that one.

“I was fond of bikes since early childhood, but I got my first bike at the age of 16. It was a Tula 200cc, a small Russian off road bike with wide wheels. My first off road kilometres were made in the fields around my parents’ country house. I then competed in my first race (a one day Baja) on my first racing bike, a Yamaha WR400F 4 years later, when I turned 20. As long as I can remember, in my childhood, I mostly liked big off road bikes, so when I found out about the Dakar, the most challenging competition in the world where riders cross deserts and countries on such bikes, the idea to be there settled in my mind. My memories of those Dakar rallies were especially linked to the emotions witnessed: tired faces, helicopters and dust in the air, endless deserts and different vehicles racing at high speed. All these images made my heart beat faster. When I grew up, I started to race and tried different kinds of motorsport competitions. I understood that my first childhood dreams and emotions were really what I liked most. When I look back at the 2017 Dakar, I just remember how tough it was. I remember really suffering from the heat in Argentina and having to deal with a major headache and dizziness. I nearly quit then. Of course the most memorable moment was when I reached the finish. For this one, I needed a new challenge. Generally speaking I like to challenge myself. I showed that I could finish it, now I want to see what I can do in extreme conditions. I’m doing the Dakar in an even tougher way. I know that there are no easy Dakars, but the fact that we won’t have to deal with rain and altitude like in Bolivia suits me better, and I just love the sand. Making history is important but it’s mainly about myself. My children really support me a lot. My 15 year-old daughter thinks I’m not an ordinary mum”.



  • Marque : HUSQVARNA
  • Modèle : 450RR
  • Préparateur : Husqvarna Rally Team
  • Assistance :
  • Classe : M_G2.1 : G2.1 Super Production – 0 à 450 cm3

Classement 2019

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