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2024: first appearance

2023: Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge, Australian off-road championship
2022: Morocco Rally, Australian off-road championship
Sunraysia Safari Rally
WRC races since 1992


“I don’t need a big shiny trophy”

It’s the story of two Australians from Sydney who fell in love with motorsports in their early twenties. One, Dale Moscatt, made a living out of it and travelled the world as a co-driver in rallying (WRC) and other events. The other, Glenn Brinkman, focused on developing his business back home but always had motorsports in the back of his mind. And then the Dakar appeared on their horizon. Dale first came on the event in 2016 as the co-driver of Peter Jerie (32nd). He would return two years ago helping Molly Taylor to reach the finish in 14th position. For Glenn, it took a bit longer. Once his business was a success, he wanted to tick that box on his bucket list, and that’s when their paths crossed again after first meeting in 1996. Dale appeared to be an instigator for Glenn. They had a plan: to first compete together in the Australian Off-road championship and then test themselves on bigger rallies (Morocco and Abu Dhabi). Having been a co-driver for Citroen that was then run by PH-Sport, Moscatt introduced Glenn to the french team and in 2024 both men will be competing in a Zephyr T3. The goal is simply to live the experience take on the many challenges and bring their vehicle to the finish.

G.B.: “I started competing in motorsports at the age of 21 and I’ve now been involved for the last 30 years. Dakar is the kind of thing you have to do before you die. Dale Moscatt, my co-driver who has done several Dakar rallies was one of the instigators, so was Bruce Garland who did the Dakar in Africa and South America and encouraged me to go for it. I first competed in rally-raid at the Morocco rally in 2022 with PH-Sport. I was looking for a small outfit with a competitive and reliable car like the Zephyr and it also came down to prices. For me rallying was a hobby but for Dale it’s a full time job. I’m looking for the experience. The goal isn’t the result. The Dakar is far more extreme than the other events I did. It’s another level. I do it to enjoy it. You have to enjoy it. I don’t need a big shiny trophy.”

D.M.: “I actually don’t come from a motorsports family at all. I started getting involved when I was finishing school and we went to an event and I found it so cool. I started with circuit racing and switched to longer rally events for the adventure. Since then I’ve been traveling around the world for motorsports. My first Dakar was in 2016 when Peter Jerie who I’d been helping to prepare asked me to be his co-driver because his usual navigator was going to a factory team (the regretted Laurent Lichtleuchter). I was given a ten weeks notice and it was very difficult but I had a fantastic time despite the challenges. It ignited my passion. I’m proud to say that I finished my two Dakars. I’ve known Glenn for a very long time. Funnily he was going out with my step sister. He’s a lovely guy, very easy going. We sat down to strategize a plan for the Dakar. I think he’s ready but on a Dakar you have 100 surprises every day. He has a good approach. We’re as prepared as we can on a limited budget. We need to focus on our own race at our own pace.”




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  • T3.1: Véhicules Tout-terrain Prototype léger

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