Dimanche 28 novembre 2021 à 11 heures (heure Paris) - Présentation du Dakar 2022


(ltu) 1.88m / 82kg


Wakeboarding, snowboarding, cycling


Zigmas, Gera dovana, Rough Travel, DIA, Eco House, Bikeparts, Moto Centras, Geralda, Koloro

2020: 30th
2019: 24th

2020: Lithuanian Enduro & Cross-Country championship (1st)
2019: Tuareg Rally (1st), Baja Poland (3rd), Lithuanian Enduro & Cross-Country championship (1st)
2018: Balkan Offroad Rallye (1st), Merzouga Rally (57th), Baja Poland (3rd), Baltic Cross-Country championship (1st), Lithuanian Enduro & Cross-Country championship (1st)


“I could be the first Lithuanian rider to complete malles-moto!”

Having already completed the Dakar twice on a bike, talented Lithuanian rider Arunas Gelazninkas is setting himself an additional challenge in 2021: making it to the end of the world's toughest rally in the assistance-free Original by Motul class. The 35-year-old already made history on his debut in 2019, outdoing Balys Bardauskas to claim his country's best-ever finish in the bikes (24th). He now has a chance to add to that by becoming the first Lithuanian to complete the Dakar in the unforgiving malle-moto category, after the unfortunate Bardauskas crashed out when attempting to do so two years ago. Arunas took up motocross at the age of nine, before moving into enduro and cross-country almost a decade ago. As well as earning success at home and abroad -he is a multiple Lithuanian champion and won the Tuareg Rally in 2019- he works as a motorbike instructor, sharing his passion for two wheels in a country that tends to favour four. This year is no exception: Lithuania will be entering five cars at Dakar 2021, but just one bike and one quad. Arunas found it tough going in Saudi Arabia last year, particularly on the high-speed tracks, but he is still relishing the prospect of tackling the rally for a third time, and going up against some big names in Original by Motul.

“At the start of the season I was thinking about going to the World Cup, but in the end all the rallies were cancelled. So I only did some local championships in Lithuania and the Baltic states, a bit of enduro, bajas. I was Lithuanian enduro and cross-country champion. When I went to Peru for my first Dakar in 2019, there was another Lithuanian guy entering the Original by Motul class, Balys Bardauskas. A lot of people asked me, "Why aren't you doing that class? Why are you going with service?" But first I needed to see how things would go and what the rally was like. I said to myself, maybe for my third Dakar I'll do Original by Motul. Well this is my third Dakar and I'm doing Original by Motul! I can't wait to start riding. Balys crashed on the last day in 2019 and did not finish this class. So if everything goes OK for me, I could be the first Lithuanian rider to complete malles-moto. I don't know about my objective in terms of position. I saw that this year Maurizio Gerini is doing Original by Motul, as well as Benjamin Melot, Emanuel Gyenes, who won last year, and Mario Patrao. There are some really good riders! So if I can make it into the top 3 of the category, I will be happy. For me, Dakar 2020 was really tough. I was expecting more sandy tracks, but there were a lot of stones, and stony tracks aren't really my thing. Here in Lithuania we have a lot of sand, but no hills, no mountains, no hard rocks. I had a few really bad crashes, and after that I was scared to go too fast. I managed to get to the finish line, even if I had some issues.”



  • Marque : KTM
  • Préparateur : Arunas Gelazninkas
  • Assistance : Zigmas Dakar Team
  • Classe : G2.1 Super production

Classement 2021

Toute l'actualité de A. Gelazninkas

Dépêches - 15/01 07:45 [GMT +3] - Moto

Gelazninkas, à deux doigts du titre

Au départ de la dernière spéciale, Arunas Gelazninkas compte toujours plus d’une heure d’avance au classement Original by Motul sur le tenant du titre Emanuel Gyenes. À moins d’un miracle, le Lituanien devrait succéder à son rival roumain à la tête de la catégorie des malle-motos. Actuellement...

Dépêches - 14/01 07:56 [GMT +3] - Moto

Gelazninka se rapproche du titre

Arunas Gelazninka enfonce le clou au classement Original by Motul. Le Lituanien a porté à plus d’une heure son avance sur le tenant du titre Emanuel Gyenes. À deux étapes de la fin, la lutte pour sa propre succession s’annonce difficile pour le Roumain. 

Dépêches - 12/01 08:02 [GMT +3] - Moto

Gelazninkas, Gyenes et Melot au coude-à-coude

Leader avant le départ de l’étape de lundi, Maurizio Gerini a chuté à une trentaine de kilomètres de l’arrivée. Même s’il est parvenu à rejoindre l'arrivée, l’Italien s’est résolu à l’abandon, laissant Arunas Gelazninkas, le tenant du titre Emanuel Gyenes,...

Dépêches - 07/01 07:32 [GMT +3] - Moto

Gelazninka devant Gerini

Meilleur pilote lituanien au Dakar avec une 24e place en 2019, Arunas Gelazninkas se plaît pour le moment dans la catégorie Original by Motul pour les pilotes sans assistance. Le pilote KTM a repris l’avantage au général sur Maurizio Gerini et compte désormais 1’33’’ d’avance. Le tenant du titre Emanuel...


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