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Summary - 08/01 15:05 [GMT -5] - Car

Sunderland and Al-Attiyah boss the stage


Following a first long stage that enabled initial gaps to be opened on Sunday, the competitors had to tackle the dunes of the Ica Desert for one last time, allowing them to showcase their navigation and dune-crossing talents. There was much time on offer to be made up for the unfortunate participants of...

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Pisco - San Juan de Marcona

Known all over the world for sharing its name with Peru’s national drink, Pisco is one of the five provinces that conform the region of Ica, located south from Lima. This city gives birth to the name of the most famous hard liquor of America and one of Peruvians’ biggest prides.

The aromas of Pisco are the perfumes of Peru.  In the lands of Ica, “pisco grapes” are harvest, distinguished by their unique fragrances that perfectly conjugate the favorite flavors of the European sommeliers.  This is one of the reasons why visiting its vineyards is a must go adventure. Pisco is also a tribute to the Pre-Columbian heritage, since its name evokes a great diversity of birds in the south of Perú , some of the great example are parihuanas, huerequeques, zarcillos  and condors, since the word Pisco comes from the quechua word Pisscu which means Bird.

In the sunny lands of the valley- which occupies the largest portion...

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live timing
special n°3BikeQuadCarSxSTruck
1st start [GMT -5]05:4505:4508:1108:1109:59
Number of participants
start 127 48 88 11 43
left 126 47 79 10 39
cp 1 121 47 71 10 33
arrival 123 46 63 9 24

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