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Summary - 19/01 20:47 [GMT -3] - Car

Price and Al-Attiyah fight until the end


This was the last genuine opportunity to make the difference and gain a place in the general standings for the competitors. They had to be watchful on the first part of the special in which the dunes of San Juan had pride of place as well as a section of fesh-fesh that can cause major damage to racing hopes....

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San Juan - Córdoba

City of San Juan

San Juan, 650 metres above sea level, is a delightful, fertile oasis surrounded by spectacular mountains.

Characterised by its modern construction, wide streets and variety of cultural sites like the birthplace of Sarmiento, the Cathedral, the Juan Victoria auditorium, the Theatre Bicentenario, the Museum of Fine Arts, San Juan is 16 kilometres from the Dique de Ullum, an ideal place for water sports, and the spectacular Zonda motor racing circuit.

The towns in the north and north-west offer attractive natural, historical and cultural sites among colourful and snow-peaked mountains, therapeutic spa waters and other places linked to the history of our nation.

The San Guillermo National Park and Reserve comprise an extraordinary habitat of protected mountain camel species (vicuñas and guanacos).

Ruta Interlagos, Cuesta de Huaco, Cuesta del Viento and the Agua Negra Pass (to Chile) are the most beautiful mountain routes...

Córdoba stands in the heart of the Republic of Argentina. Its strategic location, pleasant climate and excellent infrastructures make it an ideal place to visit all year round.

It is the provincial capital and the second biggest city in Argentina, founded in 1573 and conserving a large part of its Spanish colonial character. Its public buildings, churches, museums and monuments in the historic centre have been restored and lit by the provincial government so that they can shine in all their splendour.

In this architectural ensemble the ‘Manzana Jesuítica’ stands out; it was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2000. In the city centre, take a stroll along Avenue Hipólito Yrigoyen, which links the historic quarter to nearby modern cultural and cultural sites. Of note are the Paseo del Buen Pastor, the Evita museum, the Church of the Capuchins, the Emilio Caraffa museum, the Culture Centre of Córdoba and the...

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special n°13BikeQuadCarSxSTruck
1st start [GMT -3]06:4506:4509:0309:0310:53
Number of participants
start 86 32 45 7 25
left 86 32 45 7 26
cp 1 84 31 41 5 21
arrival 85 29 38 5 21

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