(nld) 1.86m / 86kg


Motocross, mountainbiking


Eurol , Bouwmangroup, Polskamp , Topparken.

2022: 6th
2021: 8th
2020: 23rd
2019: ab stage 3
2018: ab stage 4
2017: 35th, 2 stage wins
2016: Ab stage 2
2015: 17th
2014: 20th
2013: 11th
2012: 13th
2011: 11th
2010: 35th
2009: 12th

2021: Tunesia Desert Challenge (SSV-1st), Silk Way Rally (6th), Andalusia Rally (SSV-1st)
2019: Silk Way Rally (4th), Morocco Desert Challenge (4th)
2018: Morocco Desert Challenge (2nd), Silk Way Rally (11th)
2017: Morocco Desert Challenge (1st), Silk Way Rally (ab), Morocco Rally (ab)
2016: Libya Rally (1st), Silk Way Rally (3rd)
2015: Morocco Rally (1st), Libya Rally (ab)
2014: Morocco Rally (32nd)
2013: Silk Way Rally (9th)
2012: Silk Way Rally (10th)


“With no Kamaz, we must fight for the podium!”

Martin Van Den Brink faces his 15th Dakar looking to use all of his experience to put the De Rooy Iveco on the podium, having been second best of the non-Kamaz finishers last year. Mechanic Rijk Mouw is well known to Van Den Brink and, while co-driver Erik Kofman is new, he comes with the navigation pedigree of an air traffic controller. Martin’s son Mitchel is also competing for De Rooy, ensuring plenty of friendly family rivalry.

M.V.D.B.: “My inspiration for the Dakar came from when I was young and Jan De Rooy was driving. It took another 20 years before I finally got the chance to do it myself but since 2009 in South America, I’ve done it 14 times.
“You cannot win the Dakar on the first day. It’s a two-week race for which you need a lot of experience, which is why older drivers often do well I think. Last year I finished in sixth position so this year, with no Kamaz, we must fight for the podium!
“I’ve worked with our mechanic for seven years already. The navigator is new for me, but not for the Dakar, which he has also done on a motorbike. He also works as a flight controller so he has a lot of navigation experience! We’ve tested in Morocco, everything went well, so the feeling is good.
“My son [Mitchel] and I will both drive for team De Rooy again this year. It's always nice when you can do something together with your son and even better if it’s the Dakar!”




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  • T5.1: Prototype Cross-Country Trucks

Ranking 2023

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Summary - 13/01 15:54 [GMT +3]

Dakar 2023 - Stage 12 | Loeb is a serial winner

 The Empty Quarter continues to reveal its identity. The immense desert that plays host to most of the oil deposits exploited in Saudi Arabia is also a special playground for rally-raid riders and drivers to express themselves. The expanses of dunes discovered by the Dakar this year have few equivalents on the surface of the planet. However, the 185-km programme...

Newsflashes - 12/01 14:53 [GMT +3] - Truck

Martin Van Den Brink wins

Martin Van Den Brink has won the day’s special. The Dutchman has taken advantage of the time lost by his rivals, starting with Janus Van Kasteren, to give his chances of the title a new boost. He is now only one minute behind his countryman in the general rankings. Martin Macík has achieved the second-best time has also regained some ground on Van Kasteren...

Newsflashes - 12/01 14:12 [GMT +3] - Truck

Martin Van Den Brink reaches the finish

Martin Van Den Brink has already completed the day’s special. The Dutchman, who led at the previous time check point, seems well set to claim victory…

Reactions - 05/01 17:48 [GMT +3] - Truck

Martin Van Den Brink: “It was a long day to be fighting for fifteen seconds”

Martin Van Den Brink fought throughout the day with Aleš Loprais but finally had to make do with second place. The Dutchman, beaten by the Czech driver by only just fifteen seconds, did not deny himself the pleasure of a enjoying a hard-fought battle. In the general rankings, the two men remain in the top two places.

“It was a nice stage....

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