Sunday 28 November at 11 am (Paris time) - Presentation of the 2022 Dakar


(esp) 1.8m / 78kg


VTT, esquí, lectura, pasear y salir con amigos


Gas Gas, Pont Grup, Red Bull, RACC, Laika, Scott

10 victorias en Motos categoría femenina
2020: Moto/ 18º 1ª en categoría femenina
2019: Moto/ 12º
2018: Moto/12º
2017: Moto/16º
2016: Moto/15º
2015: Moto/9º
2014: Moto/16º
2013: Moto/93º
2012: Moto/39º
2011: Moto/39º

13 mundiales de Trial, 10 títulos europeos de Trial, 5 mundiales de enduro, y 6 veces ganadora del Trial de las Naciones.
2020: Abandono en el Rally Andalucía
2019: Campeona del Mundo de Rallies Cross Countries categoría Femenina, 10º en el Campeonato del Mundo de Rallies Cross Country: 13º en Silk Way Rally, 18º en el Rally de Marruecos.
2018: 13ª Rally Merzouga
2017: 3ª mundial de Enduro, 8ª en el Rally de Marruecos (3ª en una etapa).
2016: Campeona del Mundo de Enduro; 10º en el Abu Dahbi Desert Challange; 12ª Atacama Rally; 2ª individual ISDE (International Six Days of Enduro)
2015: Campeona del Mundo de Enduro; 11ª en el Rally de Marruecos; 5ª en el Rally de Merzouga; 6º en la Baja Aragón; Medalla de oro X Games.
2014: Campeona del Mundo de Enduro / 12ª en el Rally de Marruecos / 6ª en el Rally de Merzouga.
2013: Campeona del Mundo de Trial; Campeona del Mundo de Enduro.
2012: Campeona del Mundo Trial; Campeona del Mundo de Enduro.
2011: Campeona del Mundo de Trial; 2ª en el Mundial de Enduro


“I like the Dakar when there is more navigation”

Laia Sanz is without a doubt one of the biggest stars of the Dakar. She is a living legend with ten participations, to which must be added a record since she has finished every time! She finished a career-best 9th in 2015. Laia is also the best rider in the female category with 10 victories, which clearly sets the tone for her pace, competitiveness and adaptation to all types of terrain. The 2020 Dakar, as she admits, was "the worst in recent years" for her. An early crash on day two cost her a lot of time and saw her drop down in the general classification. The Catalan rider then decided to attack in week two, but finally didn't have the opportunity to make up ground with too many fast sections, requiring little navigation. But she still managed to move up to 18th place. This fall on the Dakar caused a torn ligament in both hands, which required five of months of recovery time. In what was a difficult year for the 18-time world champion in trial and enduro, Laia suffered another fall in the opening stages of the Andalucía Rally, which resulted in a forearm injury and then an infection. Sincere and realistic, as she defines herself, Laia admits that she will not be 100% on the Dakar. She doesn't want to think too much about the overall standings for her second Saudi Dakar. "I always imagine myself in the top 15, but this time I won't arrive in top form.”

L.S.: I must admit that 2020 was my worst Dakar in many years. I had a big crash at the start of day two, I lost a lot of time in a Marathon stage and I thought I could get back in it in week two. However, the second half of the rally was so fast, so different from the previous editions, that there was no way to try to regain time. So, I thought that the best thing would be to finish in one piece and I focused on that. I am very realistic. A Dakar like last year, with such a fast profile, it's not for me. I like it better when there is navigation and when tyre management or mechanical problems come into play.
In this accident on the Dakar, I tore the ligaments in both hands, but we didn't know that. I thought I only injured one of my hands. When I got back on the bike I was in a lot of pain and that's when they noticed the injury that would have required surgery. In the end it took me about 5 months to recover.
And then to continue this dreadful year, I crashed at the start of the Andalucía Rally. It was a friction burn on my forearm caused from I sliding on the ground. I was treated, but I had a bad night and I didn't want to risk starting again the next day. In the end, this wound was also infected. With all this, it's clear that I won't arrive for the Dakar in the best of shape. The goal? I don't want to think about it too much, even though I always tell myself that I want to be in the top 15.”



  • Mark : GAS GAS
  • Model : 450 RALLY
  • Performance tuner : GasGas
  • Assistance : GasGas
  • Class : G1.1 A.S.O. Elites

Ranking 2021

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Sanz easing into her pace

Laia Sanz seems to have finally found the right pace for her during stage 3 after a cautious start to the rally. The Catalan biker's run-up to the Dakar was marred by an injury last year and another one in the recent Andalucía Rally. The GasGas biker finished in 26th place on Tuesday, just 22' behind Toby Price, which will no doubt boost her morale ahead of...

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Where there’s a will there’s a way

Though weakened and still convalescing, despite everything Laia Sanz has this year decided to once again hold her own to set an example. The woman who is the leading lady on the Dakar since her debut in 2011 is on a mission.

Still only two months ago, Laia Sanz doubted that she would be able to start her eleventh Dakar. Not due to the series of injuries she picked...

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No-one beats Sanz when it comes to consistency

Even tearing ligaments in both hands in last year's Dakar and hurting her forearm in the opening stages of the Rally Andalucía has failed to deter Laia Sanz from starting the first special of her eleventh Dakar. The Spaniard has finished the rally 10 times in as many starts and will be banking on her experience, her consistency and the new rules on tyres to achieve...

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