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(svn) 1.8m / 80kg


Snowboarding, mountain biking


O'Neal, Formaboots, Petrol Slovenija, TM Racing, Halder, Mitas Moto, B-23 Ethen, Lukas Bikes, ROTO, Akrapovic Exhaust System @moto_limit iPROM, Irt Komunala, ODTOK Brothers Marko Pokleka - MP ZONE, Inotherm, Stihl

2021: 36th (5th Original by Motul)
2020: 50th (8th Original by Motul)
2019: Ab. Stage 4
2018: 69th
2017: Ab. Stage 10
2016: 79th
2014: Ab. Stage 3

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2021: Baja Hungary, enduro and motocross races
2019 : National Enduro championship
2016 : European Regional Enduro Championship
2015: Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge (14th)
Rally Albania
Slovenian cross-country cup (2nd)
Slovenian enduro championship (2nd)

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“Amazing to finish the Dakar again”

Simon Marcic is what you can call a Dakar fanatic. Whatever the cost, whatever the sacrifices, whatever the pain, the Slovenian has a passion for the Dakar. And that started as soon as his dad bought him a 125cc dirt bike to reward him for his good grades at school. His journey on the world’s toughest rally hasn’t been an easy one. A fine enduro specialist, he struggled on his first appearance back in 2014 when he was forced to quit early. After a one-year break, he returned to the event on his KTM 450, and accomplished the mission he had set: to finish the Dakar. But what a struggle it was for the rider from Maribor who had registered in what was then called the malle-moto class with no assistance. His 79th spot in Rosario came as a huge achievement after suffering injuries to his fingers, wrist and collarbone. A year later, after enjoying ten fine days, bad luck struck again in the blinding dust of Argentina. Marcic was indeed caught in a collision with Stephane Peterhansel’s Peugeot, resulting in a leg fracture. Since his first experience in the toughest of classes, there’s no other way of doing the Dakar for the Slovenian. For the last two years, still in the Original by Motul category, he has been discovering a new continent with that same enthusiasm and passion and last year he managed his best ever performance by clinching a fine 36th position (5th of his class). The 39-year-old returns on a Husqvarna 450 Rally, after spending weeks training in Slovenia, Spain and on the Adriatic coast and just living his passion of riding a bike whether it’s motocross, enduro or cross-country.

“Riding bikes goes way back. The Dakar is a real challenge for me. A lifelong project and dreamed wish. The Dakar was a dream for so many years, ever since I was 11 watching Miran Stanovnik on TV. It’s since then become a lifestyle. The Original by Motul class is for me the real race. It’s what it was like 40 years ago when there was no help and no mechanics. Now I’m used to it. I have my own system. The key is being smart and not crashing. My routine when I get to the bivouac is simple: eat pasta, work on the bike, have a shower and sleep. I’d love to win the class but there are more and more top riders in it. It felt amazing to finish the Dakar. It was my fourth finish. I would say it was the toughest until now especially because I had to push to keep the momentum, to keep the position.”




  • FR 450 RALLY
  • Simon Marcic
  • Original by Motul
  • M_R2_NO

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