BF Goodrich, Vision, SDJ Shock, Fox shocks

2020: first appearance

2019: Score Championship (Baja series), Silk Way Rally, Morocco Rally
2018: Score Championship (Baja series), Baja Spain, Morocco Rally


“The ultimate goal is to win it, even if that sounds arrogant!”

Austin Jones was raised in the world of US off-road races, and following the footsteps of his dad he rapidly started competing in a big Trophy Truck in races like the Baja 1000 that he won last year (in his class). He heard about the Dakar in his teens when Robby Gordon was shining in his Hummer, but he also knew how long the process to get there would be. A switch from a big trucks to SSV was probably a part of his transition to longer cross-country events. After competing in races like the Morocco rally (these last two years) and the Silk Way Rally, Jones will be on the start line of the Dakar in a CanAm prototype built by South Racing. The 23-year-old will be helped out by experienced Kellon Walch. The 37-year-old from Nevada is one of the few Americans having won a stage of the Dakar on a bike (back in 2005) and then as the co-driver of Robby Gordon. He’ll be a precious navigator for young Austin and also key in calming his driver down when necessary. For their first Dakar together, the goal is to finish with a good result but victory will always be in the back of their minds.

C.C.: “The difference between Trophy trucks and SSVs is huge. The SSVs are of course, lighter, smaller but also a lot more versatile. You can go everywhere with an SSV, you never get stuck and it’s a super strong vehicle. The style is also very different. I started hearing about the Dakar when I was about 17 or 18 thanks to Robby Gordon. I knew how difficult it would be to get there and adapt to the navigation. The length of the race is also pretty intimidating. Thankfully I’m very confident in my navigator. Kellon (Walch) is my secret weapon. He’s my biggest strength. Kellon makes it different. He’s also done a good job calming me down. I mean, I’m 23 years old and I’m pretty excitable. I want to go as fast as I can. He explains that I sometimes have to take my time. It’s a long race. The ultimate goal is to win it. I know that might sound pretty arrogant, especially because it’s so tough the first time. Let’s say I hope to get a good finishing spot the first year and gather as much information as possible.”



  • Mark : CAN - AM
  • Model : MAVERICK
  • Performance tuner : SOUTH RACING
  • Assistance : SOUTH RACING
  • Class : T3.P Prototype A-T vehicles

Ranking 2020

Scratch Stage General
1 6 6 6
2 4 4 5
3 8 8 5
4 3 3 5
5 8 8 4
6 30 29 7
7 5 5 6
8 4 3 6
9 15 15 6
10 4 4 6
11 29 29 8
12 3 3 8

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