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Yamaha, Monster Energy, Yuasa, Thor, Arai, SBE, Ets Audo Express, Astradec, Raffolé, Boulanger, Oakley, Alpine Star, MCP, …

2020 : ab. étape 3
2019 : ab. étape 9
2018 : ab. étape 10
2017 : 4e
2016 : 6e

2020 : 2e du Rallye d’Andalousie
2019 : Merzouga Rally (1er), Silk Way Rally (3e), Rallye du Maroc (26e)
2018 : Desafio Inca (5e), Rallye du Maroc (6e)
2017 : 2e de L’Enduropale du Touquet
2016 : Vainqueur de l’Enduropale du Touquet, de la Ronde des Sables Loon Plage, 2e au Beach Cross de Berck, 6e Rallye du Maroc, 3e Merzouga Rally
2015 : vainqueur de l’Enduropale du Touquet, vainqueur de l’Enduro del Verano (Arg), 12e du Rallye de Sardaigne, 13e du Rallye du Maroc, 7e du Merzouga Rallye
2014 : vainqueur de l’Enduropale du Touquet, Champion de France des Sables
2013 : vainqueur de l’Enduro del Verano (Arg)


“I am starting a new chapter in my life”

The image, even a year later, is still just as violent. A fast track, only 3 kilometres covered and Adrien van Beveren loses control of his Yamaha and is thrown several meters further. Taken to a Saudi hospital the first diagnosis reveals a double fracture of the right shoulder. But when repatriated to France, the stay in hospital is long. The rider from Northern France suffered brain swelling, a facial haematoma and his eighth broken collarbone… Adrien then had a series of operations and used the quarantine to complete his rehabilitation. There were physical wounds to heal and a morale to rebuild. The Yamaha rider even considered retiring from the sport. While in recovery he thought about the good times, his three victories in the Enduropale du Touquet, his triumph on the 2019 Merzouga Rally and his moments of joy on the Dakar (2 stage victories and a long period as the leader in 2018). And he said to himself that he couldn’t just stop, that he had to get back on his bike and find the adrenaline that only competition can provide. His 2nd place in Andalusia in the autumn gives him a big boost confidence and he has trained hard, especially in Dubai, to return to his former condition. His objective on the Saudi tracks: to at last finish the Dakar.

“After I dropped out, I questioned myself a lot and wondered about whether or not to continue. I want to do the Dakar again for me, it is my challenge as a man, I was raised to deal with problems. I am lucky to be in good health, to have had very talented surgeons looking after me and to have been able to work tirelessly to get back to my best level. My performance in Andalucía verified that the work paid off and I will do everything I can to keep the momentum going. My primary goal, will not to ride for a place in the classification but to finish. I want to rediscover the sensations, the adrenaline, the desire to ride fast... My main challenge is also to have the fundamentals in terms of being consistent as well as navigation and most importantly to be patient. I hope that I am starting a new chapter in my life and that I will be able to participate in this Dakar in Saudi Arabia from start to finish this time.”



  • Mark : YAMAHA
  • Model : WR450F
  • Performance tuner : Yamalube Yamaha Official Rally Team
  • Assistance : Yamalube Yamaha Official Rally Team
  • Class : G1.1 A.S.O. Elites

Ranking 2021

Scratch Stage General
0 17 17 17
1 14 14 14
2 6 6 6
3 16 16 9
4 10 10 11
5 23 23 15
6 6 6 15
7 11 11 14
8 13 13 14
9 5 12 11
10 7 7 9
11 10 10 8
12 - - -

All news of A. Van beveren

Newsflashes - 15/01 08:39 [GMT +3] - Moto

A big blow for Van Beveren!

The nightmare continues for Yamaha! After Ross Branch, Franco Caimi, Andrew Short and Jamie McCanney, now Adrien Van Beveren, the last official representative of the team from Iwata, has run into technical problems after 30 minutes of racing...

Newsflashes - 14/01 09:02 [GMT +3] - Moto

Van Beveren has already lost 5 minutes

Adrien van Beveren, the sole official Yamaha rider left in the race, is experiencing several difficulties at the start of the special: the Frenchman has already conceded more than five minutes to Daniel Sanders at the second time check point and Pablo Quintanilla, stage leader at WP1, has not arrived yet.

Newsflashes - 12/01 09:21 [GMT +3] - Moto

Van Beveren leads the Yamaha clan

The 43rd Dakar is a difficult edition for Yamaha! Following the withdrawals of Andrew Short, Franco Caimi and Jamie McCanney, Adrien van Beveren and Ross Branch are the two remaining official representatives of the Japanese constructor. After 63 km, it is the Frenchman who is flying the brand’s flag, climbing to fourth position, one minute behind Nacho Cornejo,...

Newsflashes - 07/01 08:48 [GMT +3] - Moto

Van Beveren and Caimi also go astray

Navigation appears to be complicated for the bikes today! Adrien van Beveren and his team-mate Franco Caimi have also taken the wrong direction after 65 km and have lost precious time.

Reactions - 04/01 14:03 [GMT +3] - Moto

Adrien Van Beveren: “I started with the idea of trying to win the stage”

The Yamaha rider was comfortable on this sandy stage and reacquainted himself with good riding sensations to post the 6th best time of the day, to celebrate his 30th birthday.

“It was a nice day. It’s my birthday – I’m thirty today – so I started with the idea of trying to win the stage. I was really fast on the first section, but then I got...

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