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Rally racing, mountain biking, boating holidays (in Croatia!)


BFGoodrich, Lazer Lamps, Fahrrad XXL Walcher

2018: Ab. Stage 7

2019: Baja Poland (Ab.)
2018: Baja Portugal (10th)
2017: Baja Poland (Ab.), Carta Rallye (2nd)
2016: Carta Rallye (2nd)
2015: Tuareg Rally (5th)
2010: German Offroad Championship (1st)
2009: German Offroad Championship (2nd)

El Chott, Hungarian Baja, Baja Spain, Baja Deutschland


“We have unfinished business with the Dakar”

Things didn't go quite as planned for Markus Walcher and Tobias Henschel when they made their Dakar debut in 2018. Having earned their spot through the Good Project Special Dakar organised by BFGoodrich, the German duo were forced to abandon on stage seven due to engine failure. Quickly swallowing their disappointment, they vowed to one day return and conquer the world's biggest rally. For this first edition in Saudi Arabia, they will once again be able to count on the support of BFGoodrich and two-time winner Nani Roma, last year's runner-up in the cars. Their team also includes Dave Marsh -the man who designed their QT Wildcat- and Markus's father Gerhard, who has previously raced the Dakar eight times and is now riding in the assistance truck. Markus first got into rally raid at the age of 16, training as a mechanic and spending five years working at Porsche before joining the family bike shop. After putting their car through its paces in Morocco and Poland, he and Tobias are confident that they can make it all the way to the finish line this time around.

M.W.: “About an hour after our engine failure in 2018, our team made the decision to come back again. We were all sitting together in a Bolivian restaurant by the liaison track, eating hot soup, and we made a promise to come back and fight for the finish line. So we're back, with the same car and the same team, to write the second chapter of the story. We've built ourselves a more reliable engine and we're confident of doing a better job this time. BFGoodrich are still supporting us on site, as is Nani Roma. We have unfinished business with the Dakar! Last year we had a break because the rally was held in only in Peru. But Saudi Arabia is a whole new country, and the Dakar is about travelling, seeing different people and different landscapes. We did a test in Morocco in March, to get a bit more experience in the dunes, and we also raced Baja Poland. We had one minor electrical problem there but it was the only issue we had, otherwise the car feels great. The engine has more torque, it's more powerful and reliable. We have the same team as two years ago and we always have a lot of fun. There's a great team spirit -I couldn't imagine a better team. There are only five of us, so the challenge is simply to get to the finish line. In 2018 we didn't even look at the results, just managed things day by day, but when we abandoned we were 40th out of 109 starters. If you do a consistent job at the Dakar you also get a successful result. But for us it's impossible to win or get in the top 10. The team is too small, the car is too slow, the driver is too slow! But it's a great adventure and a real challenge.”



  • Mark : QT
  • Performance tuner : Walcher Racing-Team / Dave Marsh Racing
  • Assistance : Walcher Racing-Team / Dave Marsh Racing
  • Class : T1.1 petrol modified A-T 4x4

Ranking 2020

Scratch Stage General
1 54 54 54
2 56 56 55
3 66 66 54
4 73 73 60
5 54 52 54
6 54 53 52
7 56 56 51
8 52 51 49
9 56 56 47
10 47 47 47
11 44 44 45
12 57 57 45

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