First participation

2019: Silk Way Rally (Ab.)
2016: Silk Way Rally (27th, 1st Open), Taklimakan Rally
2011: National autocross championship (1st rookie)
2010: T3 Heroes Desert Challenge (Ab.)
Multiple winner in Chinese offroad rallies


“Sitting behind the wheel of a racing car is an incredible rush”

Aidong Li has been making a name for himself in Chinese racing circles for the best part of a decade, and the 42-year-old is now gearing up for the challenge of a lifetime at Dakar 2020. Having always been passionate about motorsport, Li bought his first offroad vehicle in 2007, and a breakout performance at the 2011 autocross championship -where he finished as the top rookie- won him national attention. The agriculture entrepreneur had already impressed in the 2010 Heroes Desert Challenge, despite failing to finish with his three-car team, and was quickly branded a 'talented driver' by Chinese media. In the following years he won a host of championship events and decided to join forces with the leading team in his home city of Tangshan, the ambitious Qian'an Jiujiang Landsail Racing Club. He has since broadened his horizons to international-level races, finishing as the leading Chinese competitor in the 'Open' class at the 2016 Silk Way Rally, and taking part in the event again this year. With new co-driver Zhaoyang Shen, he is now looking to enjoy a successful Dakar debut in Saudi Arabia.

A.L.: “I've loved cars since I was a kid, so the day I bought my first car, I was extremely happy. Sitting in a racing car and holding the steering wheel is an incredible rush, one of my favourite feelings. Rallies generally take place over several thousand kilometers, and spending up to a dozen days on the tracks is extremely challenging. You have to manage your time according to the distance. Usually you can only eat at the end of the stage, so it's a real test of your physical strength and energy. Success depends on the cooperation with the navigator. Dangers are always present, but they can be avoided if you have the right skills.”



  • Mark : CHEVROLET
  • Model :
  • Performance tuner : Qian'an Jiujiang Landsail Racing Club
  • Assistance : Qian'an Jiujiang Landsail Racing Club
  • Class : T1.1 petrol modified A-T 4x4

Ranking 2020

Scratch Stage General
1 41 41 41
2 65 65 58
3 69 69 62
4 58 58 62
5 58 56 55
6 51 50 53
7 50 50 50
8 - - -
9 52 52 49
10 54 54 49
11 56 56 48
12 53 53 48

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