(cze) Born on 26/05/1973




2019: Ab. Stage 3 (trucks)
2018: 11th (trucks)
2017: 15th (trucks, one stage win)
2016: 17th (trucks, one stage win)
2015: 7th (trucks)
2014: Ab. Stage 8 (trucks)
2013: 5th (trucks)
2012: 7th (trucks)
2011: Ab. Stage 3 (trucks)
2010: Ab. Stage 11 (trucks)

2018: El Chott Rally Tunisia (1st)
2017: Silk Way Rally (11th)
2016: OiLibya Rally of Morocco (2nd)
2015: Hungarian Baja (1st), Baja Bohemia (1st)
2013: El Chott Rally Tunisia (3rd)
2012: El Chott Rally Tunisia (1st)
2011: El Chott Rally Tunisia (1st)


“After about 20 minutes I thought about returning my driving licence”

After a decade of racing in the trucks, Martin Kolomy is preparing for a major shake-up in 2020 as he gears up for his first Dakar in the cars. Having called time on his six-year collaboration with Buggyra Racing earlier this year, the 46-year-old has joined up with his ambitious compatriot Martin Prokop at MP-Sports, taking the place of Tomas Ourednicek as the team's second driver. He is joined by his former truck mechanic Jiri Stross, and the duo are steeling themselves for a baptism of fire in Saudi Arabia as they try to help Prokop break into the top five overall. Martin may still be getting to grips with his new Ford Raptor but he has extensive Dakar experience, having taken part in the rally 10 times in the trucks and finished as high as fifth in 2013. After working hard to be ready for Dakar 2020, he is now hoping to disprove the old adage by showing that you can, in fact, teach an old dog new tricks.

“Shortly after the last Dakar I knew I wouldn't go on with my former team Buggyra, because our situation was complicated. But I'm glad I've been able to join forces with Martin. When I went for a first ride with him, after about 20 minutes I thought about returning my driving licence! But it will be a new experience and I'm looking forward to it. I've already learned a lot about how the car is tuned up and how everything works. Driving with Martin is tough, so I've really intensified my preparations.”



  • Mark : FORD
  • Performance tuner : MP-Sports
  • Assistance : MP-Sports
  • Class : T1.1 petrol modified A-T 4x4

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