N°339 Prototipo ligero ARCANE FACTORY RACING




Hans Weijs Motorsport, Expandable trailers

2020: 17th
2019: ab stage 4 (car)

2018: Morocco Desert Challenge (7th, 1 stage win)
2016: Morocco Desert Challenge (1st ssv, 3rd overall), Rally du Maroc (ab, truck)
2015: Dutch national rally championship (6th), Belgium national rally championship (15th)
33 starts in Dutch and Belgium national championships


“No compromises, only aiming for the very best”

In 2019 Michiel Becx and Edwin Kuijpers debuted in the Dakar with a car, called the MitJet, but unfortunately, they didn’t make it to the finish. Michiel realised that the MitJet needed more development, and that was the reason to not participate in Dakar 2020. Until, he had a coffee with Team De Rooy and asked them to join the team. They felt perfectly happy as fast assistance for the other drivers in Team De Rooy. They finished as truck number 17. In 2021 they started, together with Dutch rally driver and good friend Hans Weijs, a totally new project. Hans Weijs, from Hans Weijs Motorsport, and Michiel Becx with his company Expandable trailers, joined forces under the name of Arcane. And, after months of hard work on their Arcane light weight rally car, they are more than ready… to compete in the Dakar 2022!

M.B.: “Normally, a rally car is just a modified production car. It has its benefits, but the things you don’t like or don’t work that well aren’t easy to adjust. That’s why we took all those lessons learned and start building. From scratch. Our car is fueled by passion, dreams, technical expertise, and lots of hours in the dirt, on the tracks.
Whenever we came upon a part that just didn’t cut it, we designed and manufactured it ourselves. With every turn we took, we were thinking ahead. Just like a rally. With every presumable wall we hit, we worked around it and made it better. No compromises, only aiming for the very best.”




  • T3
  • ARCANE Factory Racing
  • P_T3_NO

Clasificación 2022


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