Sunday 28 November at 11 am (Paris time) - Presentation of the 2022 Dakar


(fra) 1.8m / 82kg


Vélo, Moto, Ski et famille


Abu Dhabi Racing, RedBull, Hexaom, AKKA Technologie, BF Goodrich, Gen-Z, Auto Factoria

2020 : Abandon (SSV)
2019 : 5e
2018 : 31e
2017 : 3e
2016 : 7e
2015 : 34e
2014 : 4e (moto)
2013 : vainqueur (moto)
2012 : vainqueur (moto)
2011 : 2e (moto)
2010 : vainqueur (moto)
2009 : 2e (moto)
2007 : vainqueur (moto)
2006 : 2e (moto)
2005 : vainqueur (moto)
2004 : 3e (moto)
2003 : 2e (moto)
2001 : 13e (moto)
2000 : 16e (moto)

2018 : 3e du rallye du Maroc
2017 : vainqueur du Silk Way Rally
2016 : vainqueur du Silk Way Rally, Rallye du Maroc (35e, 1 victoire d’étape)
2013 : 4e du Rallye de Sardaigne, 2e du Rallye Dos Sertoes, abandon sur le Desafio Inca
2012 : vainqueur du Desafio Litoral et du rallye du Maroc
2011 : vainqueur du rallye du Brésil
2010 : vainqueur du rallye du Maroc
2009 : vainqueur du rallye de Sardaigne, du rallye de Tunisie et du rallye des Pharaons
2008 : vainqueur du rallye de Sardaigne et de l’UAE Desert Challenge
2007 : vainqueur du rallye du Brésil
2006 : vainqueur du rallye du Brésil
2005 : vainqueur des rallyes de Tunisie, de Turquie et du RedBull Romaniacs en Roumanie
2004 : vainqueur du rallye de Tunisie
2003 : vainqueur du rallye du Maroc, de l’UAE Desert Challenge et de la coupe du monde des Rallyes Tout Terrain
2002 : vainqueur des rallyes de Tunisie et de Dubaï
2001 : vainqueur du rallye de Dubaï
2000 : vainqueur du rallye du Maroc, vainqueur de la Coupe de France d'enduro
1998 : champion de France d'enduro national B
1993 : champion de France de trial senior


“We don't want to take half a step forward, it will be a big leap”

Cyril Despres can still remember back to a time as a young lad when he was on hand for the starts and prologues of the Paris-Dakar, and even spotted quite clearly an old truck of Jan De Rooy, or even the first lot of official Peugeots...which garnered his attention! Many years later, the up-and-coming rider, who had already won championships in trial and enduro and was the revelation of the 2000 edition (16th), put himself in position to make an exemplary ascent on the Dakar. After finishing third in 2003 and 2004, the Frenchman scored his first Dakar win in 2005. From this point on his relationship with the Dakar was intimately linked to the mano a mano with Marc Coma. With another victory in 2007, then another in 2010, Despres then pulled away from his Spanish rival with triumphs in 2012 and 2013. In 2014, he finished 4th in Valparaiso in what was his final chance to equal the bike category record of six wins held by Stéphane Peterhansel. Because after a glorious run with Yamaha, the challenge offered by Peugeot was just too good for Despres to ignore. His progression was linear with 7th place in 2016 followed by a podium result (3rd) the following year. When the Peugeot adventure came to an end and a go in a MINI in 2019 (5th), Cyril found new impetus in his paring with adventurer Mike Horn. Initially, they joined the RedBull programme for young American drivers in the SSV category. But this year, the two are pursuing an ambition of a much different magnitude: to win by 2023 or 2024 with a hydrogen-powered vehicle, the development of which is now under way. The first phase consists of collecting essential data during the rally for the design of this car. They will do this in a Peugeot entered by the Abu Dhabi Racing Team... with a combustion engine, but not for long!

C.D.: “I came to realise that my ambitions for victory were no longer as important as they once were and that I no longer intended to fight for a title, at least not in the traditional way. And at the same time, after the last edition Mike Horn wanted to continue his Dakar adventure, but in a different way. So as early as February, we began to meet with engineers to explore the idea of a high-performance hydrogen-powered car. In particular, we met with the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission, where some of the world's leading fuel cell specialists are based, and they decided to follow us. For this year, we are going to race with a top car to collect data, to sum up, it is a “data logger”. And our hydrogen-powered car has to be working by 2022. I'm a motor racing madman, Mike is an adventure madman, and we're heading in the same direction. We don't want to take half a step forward; it will be a big leap. We have a great opportunity to try and make a difference. We can leave a mark.”

M.H.: “I have seen the world change in the last 28 years, and this is my biggest concern. I think I can play a role in changing the way motor racing is done on the planet. Conserving the planet and leaving it to future generations is one of my life's missions. Participating in the Dakar with a neutral or low carbon footprint is our ambition. The Generation Z project consists of creating the first hydrogen engine for the 2023 Dakar. We have to change the way in which motor racing is done.”



  • Mark : PEUGEOT
  • Model : 3008 DKR
  • Performance tuner : Abu Dhabi Racing Team
  • Assistance : PH Sport
  • Class : T1.4 diesel 2-wheel drive

Ranking 2021

All news of C. Despres

Newsflashes - 14/01 14:01 [GMT +3] - Auto

Despres on the charge

Before the start, Cyril Despres and explorer Mike Horn were aiming for a top 10 finish, but now the crew are closing in on the top five 150 km from the finishing line. The two men’s vehicle was the 24th to start this morning and is now in fifth place, 5’31’’ behind the current stage leader.

Reactions - 11/01 16:23 [GMT +3] - Auto

Cyril Desprès: “We were missing our rhythm during the first week”

Cyril Despres and Mike Horn accomplished their first top 5 finish between Sakaka and Neom. The Peugeot crew competing for the Abu Dhabi Racing team occupy eleventh place in the general standings, 4 hours and 9 minutes behind the leader.

“It was a good day. We were missing our rhythm during the first week. We didn’t have time for training. We didn’t come...

Newsflashes - 11/01 14:23 [GMT +3] - Auto

Best result for Despres and Horn

Though they were overtaken by Khalid Sheikh Al Qassimi in the final kilometres, Cyril Despres and Mike Horn have still completed the marathon stage in fifth position, meaning the Peugeot duo has achieved its best result of the year today!

Newsflashes - 10/01 12:40 [GMT +3] - Auto

Despres and Horn holding their own

Cyril Despres and the trailblazer Mike Horn are putting in a great performance today, cruising through km 215 in sixth place. The duo is using the Dakar to gather data for the development of a hydrogen-powered vehicle. Their current deficit to Stéphane Peterhansel is 11 minutes.

Newsflashes - 07/01 09:30 [GMT +3] - Auto

An off day for Despres and Horn

After achieving the 10th best time on Tuesday’s special, Wednesday was more complicated for Cyril Despres. The five times winner of the Dakar and his co-pilot renowned explorer Mike Horn experienced several navigation problems in addition to a puncture, as well as having to drive in the dust as they followed two other competitors. This resulted in a 37th placed...

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