(nld) 1.88m / 84kg


squash, golf, special cars


Van Loon Group, Kroon Oil, Heisterkamp, Fried van de Laar, Welte Transport

2019: 25th (with Scholtalbers)
2017: 14th (with Rosegaar)
2016: 13th (2nd in stage 9; with Rosegaar)
2015: 4th (with Rosegaar)
2014: 27th (with Rosegaar)
2013: Ab. Stage 6 (with Wams)
2012: 16th (with Scholtalbers)
2011: 11th (with Scholtalbers)
2010: 46th (with Verhoef)
2009: Ab. Stage 11 (with Wams)

2019: Rally du Maroc (32nd), Silk Way Rally (10th), Morocco Desert Challenge (ab stage 6)
2018: Qatar Cross Country Rally (9th), Baja Aragon (6th), Rally du Maroc (21st)
2017: Int. Baja Dubai (22nd), Qatar Cross Country Rally (6th)
2016: OiLibya rally du Maroc (ab), Baja Poland (5th), Hungarian Baja (ab), ELE Rally Holland (1st)
2015: Baja Russia Northern Forest (5th), Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge (2nd), Qatar Sealine Rally, Pharaons Rally (7th), Baja Poland (12th), Baja Aragon (6th), OiLibya du Maroc (12th)
2014: Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge (6th), Egypt Rally (3rd), Morocco Rally (3rd), Baja Spain
2013: Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge
2012: Morocco Rally, Dutch rally championship, Baja Espana
2010: Dutch rally champion


“It’s a pleasure to drive”

The most successful Dutch driver in the Dakar history in terms of the final standings in the car category (4th in 2015) had an eventful year. Erik van Loon crashed heavily while leading the general standings in the Morocco Desert Challenge, broke the suspension of his car on the second day of the Silk Way Rally and crashed in the dust after helping other competitors in the Rallye du Maroc. The incidents cover up the fact that Van Loon simply made some excellent results in all three rallies, two of which he did together with his new, French co-pilot Sebastien Delauney.

EvL: “I have to admit I have been doubting about returning to the Dakar, because preparation takes a lot of time and my priorities are with my family and my business, but I couldn’t resist the new challenge. One of the new challenges is working with a new, full-professional co-pilot. It’s different to be with someone who is not Dutch. Together with Sebastien we’ve done the Silk Way Rally and the Rally du Maroc and, despite some bad luck in both events, I’m very pleased with the results. We’ve tested the new Toyota thoroughly and it’s a pleasure to drive. It is a bit more sensitive and one has to drive more precise, but the behaviour in especially the corners is much better. I expect Saudi Arabia to be a bit more like Morocco than like Peru, and that might suit us well.”



  • Marca : TOYOTA
  • Preparador : Overdrive
  • Asistencia : Overdrive / Van Loon Racing
  • Clase : T1.1 4x4 TT modificados gasolina

Clasificación 2020

Scratch Etapa General
1 10 10 10
2 31 31 14
3 12 12 12
4 62 62 38
5 63 61 47
6 13 13 42
7 12 12 38
8 8 8 35
9 20 20 32
10 7 7 30
11 22 22 26
12 13 13 25

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Últimas noticias - 09/01 11:50 [GMT +3] - Auto

Nuevos problemas para Van Loon

Erik Van Loon, ayer con problemas después de volcar al inicio de la especial, se encuentra parado ahora en el km 88 para reparar su Toyota. Al parecer podría demorarse una media hora. 

Últimas noticias - 08/01 10:43 [GMT +3] - Auto

Van Loon con las ruedas arriba

Inicio de especial complicado para Erik Van Loon que vuelca tras 32 km. El piloto holandés, cuarto del Dakar en 2015 y 12º en la general, intenta poner su Toyota de nuevo "en pie". 


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