N°170 Quad 7240 TEAM


(arg) 1.83m / 82kg


Andar en motos, cuatriciclos y camionetas. Ir a la cancha a alentar a Boca Juniors, club del que es fanático. Tiene en su quinta seis labradores, un dogo presa canario llamado “Dakar” y una burra “Ofelia”.


Equipo 7240, MEC Team, 7240 Blindajes, ASP Blindajes, Pablo Vera Raid School.

2021: Quad/ 1º 2 victorias de etapa
2020: Quad/ 4º
2019: Quad/ 5°
2018: Quad/ 29º

2021: 1º en el Rally de Kazajistán, 1º en el Rally dos Sertoes, 1º en el Rally de Marruecos. 2º en la categoría Quads de la Copa del Mundo FIM de Rallies Cross Country a falta de la fecha de Abu Dhabi.
2019: 3° en la categoría Quads Q1 del Campeonato Argentino de Navegación CANAV.
2018: 7º en la categoría Quads 4x2 del CARCC; 9º en la General de la Categoría Quads del Desafío Ruta 40.
2017: 6º en la categoría Quads en el Rally de Merzouga


“I will do my best”

In just four years, Manuel Andújar achieved the glory of being crowned champion in the quad category on the 2021 Dakar. Wrapped in the Argentinean flag and wrapped in the colours of his club Boca Juniors, he shed tears on the final ramp, thanked Diego Maradona in the heavens and got rid of the regret of having missed out on the podium in the previous edition. His hometown, Lobos, gave him a hero's welcome. The mayor -who initially wanted to avoid a massive reception- asked him to please go out and greet his neighbours at the risk of a riot in the middle of a pandemic. However, the impact of his great victory does not seem to have changed the life of this mild-mannered racer, who continues to support Boca every Sunday and devote time to his donkey Ofelia and his dog Dakar. Manuel Andujar is still the same guy he was when he started quad cross racing when he was 18 years old in the USA and Argentina for three years. Later, in search of new challenges, he decided to take up rallying. He knew he had the ability and speed, but he had to learn how to navigate. He made his debut in the 2018 Dakar, finishing in 29th place and just one year later, he finished fifth. In the 2020 edition, he finished fourth and was close to a podium finish in the Saudi Arabian desert. With enormous determination, dedicating many hours to working on the roadbook and psychological preparation, he took on the 2021 Dakar. He took the overall lead on stage seven and focused on holding off Giovanni Enrico until the final triumph. The dream year is not over yet. Manuel won everything he raced in 2021, winning in Kazakhstan, Sertoes and Morocco, so he is within striking distance of the championship alongside the eternal Rafal Sonik, with the Abu Dhabi event still to come. With his mind right, the champion assures that he is coming to Saudi Arabia to do his best and continue to achieve his goals.

M.A.: "On the last Dakar, we reached the goal we had worked so hard to achieve. Winning depends on many factors: it's a question of hard work, effort and luck. For four years now, I have dreamed of being at the front. When the journalists seemed surprised by a stage victory, I would reply: 'But I've been working so hard and have made sacrifices to achieve this.
"I think we Argentinians are strong in the bike and quad categories because we do what we can with limited finances. So, we exploit our possibilities better. Another factor is the racing culture we have in Argentina. It is not for nothing that the Enduro del Verano attracts hundreds of participants".
"I am having a great time with this team. There is great harmony and clear objectives. I feel that everything is in order. I do my job, which is to train. I have total confidence in each team member.
"I'm going to the 2022 Dakar to do my best and fulfil the objectives we have set ourselves. I am aware that there are many variables in the race. The rivals? I think the biggest will be Giroud, Dutrie, Enrico and Copetti".


7240 TEAM

7240 TEAM

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