(ita) 1.8m / 66kg


Motorbikes, windsurfing, Stand Up Paddle, mountaineering

2015 : ab.

Merzouga Rally
Anatholia Rally


“My second chance to make a dream come true”

Cesare Zacchetti, an Italian businessman who works in fashion, has always loved rally raid, as it unifies his two big passions: motorbikes and traveling. Dakar 2015 was a dream come true, but it lasted too short. Zacchetti continued to do international rallies in Europe and North Africa afterwards, waiting for an important moment to celebrate. On the first of March 2019, the day of his 50th birthday, Cesare decided to return on the Dakar. He didn’t actually need any external motivation as he deeply desired to finish an adventure that was waiting to be completed, but to make himself a gift for his 50th birthday was a good excuse. “The change of continent, from South America to the Middle East, was an extra motivation as I have never been there”, states the Italian. “I love rallies because it allows me to discover new places and new cultures. So here I am”. As the first time, Cesare Zacchetti will compete the Dakar Rally in the “Original by Motul” category. “I like this class because it maintains the spirit of the origins. I like to do the mechanics of the bike and KTM is the reliable bike you want to compete the Dakar”.

“My bike went on fire in torrid San Juan. It was only the second day of the rally. I couldn’t believe it. I knew it could happen that can dry brunches could light a fire with such high temperatures, so I was taking particularly care. But it did happen. It was a cold shower despite the unbearable heat. I couldn’t only retire. It took me a while to decide to come back, especially for the budget that this race requires. I kept on training doing several international rallies every year waiting for a good occasion. The change of country gave me an extra motivation because it is a unique chance to visit a country that has been closed to the tourists for so many years. We will be among the firsts to discover this desert and this adds an extra spice to the rally”.



  • Mark : KTM
  • Model : 450 RALLY
  • Performance tuner :
  • Assistance : Original by Motul
  • Class : G2.1 Super production

Ranking 2020

Scratch Stage General
1 87 82 82
2 72 72 77
3 102 102 86
4 112 112 96
5 76 76 90
6 78 78 84
7 89 89 82
8 - - 82
9 58 58 78
10 81 81 76
11 79 79 75
12 49 49 73

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