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Norwit Slovakia

2021: First appearance

2020: Africa Eco Race (5th), Serres rally
2019: Africa Eco Race, Merzouga Rally, Serres rally
2018: Africa Eco Race (5th), Merzouga Rally, Rallye du Maroc, Serres rally, Albania rally
2017: Africa Eco Race (3rd), Serres rally, Hellas Rally, Albania rally
2016: Africa Eco Race, Rallye du Maroc, Serres rally, Hellas Rally
2015: Merzouga Rally, Serres rally, Hellas Rally, Albania rally
2014: Merzouga Rally, Serres rally, Hellas Rally


“Trying a different playground”

Martin Benko is the typical amateur rider, in love with wide open spaces and the spirit of the original Dakar rallies. The Slovakian will however be living his very first Dakar come January. Used to competing in Africa (including 5 Africa Eco Races and 2 Morocco Rallies), he has this year decided to change continents and discover Saudi Arabia. On his KTM 450, the director of company that deals with road surfacing, the Dakar path will be a bumpy and sandy one. After only starting to ride off-road rallies at the age of 35, his only ambition is to reach the finish, stay healthy and better his starting number position which is 97. His Norwit Racing team will also be supporting his compatriot Stefan Svitko hoping that the warm homely spirit of his bivouac will help him conquer a good result.

M.B.: “I only decided at the end of October to race the Dakar. Last year I spent January in Africa, this year I will try a different playground. For me the Dakar represents the footsteps of Thierry Sabine, reaching your own limits and also sharing with people in the same trouble. My goal is finish, stay healthy and place a little better than my bib number which is 97.”



  • العلامة : KTM
  • الطراز : 450 RALLY REPLICA
  • نظام تعديل الأداء : Norwit Racing
  • مساعدة : Norwit Racing
  • الفئة : فئة الإنتاج السوبر G2.1

التصنيف 2021

شطب المرحلة عام
0 69 69 69
1 52 56 56
2 58 58 57
3 49 49 55
4 61 61 53
5 48 48 49
6 52 52 47
7 79 79 -
8 76 76 -
9 - - -
10 - - -
11 - - -
12 - - -

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