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Cooper Tires, Pagid, Mitzibitz, Lotil

1st participation

2012 : Trans-America Rally, 1st overall
2007 : Peking to Paris, 2nd overall
1998 : Mobil 1 British Formula 2 Rally championship, 2nd overall
1995 : Network Q RAC Rally, Class Winner,
Many long distance and other UK based classic rallies.


“There is the lottery aspect of driving in the desert”

A sizeable number of Dakar Classic entrants have little competition background and see the event as a once in a lifetime opportunity. Others have competed in all terrain rallies before but never entered a regularity race. And then there are crews like the British couple, Richard Worts and Nicola Shackleton, who on paper at least, and despite their protestations, look like they have the necessary ingredients to be competitive right from the off. For a start, they have one of the homologation special Mitsubishi Pajeros that would seem like a good, solid choice for the event, and if the entry list is anything to go by, others are thinking along similar lines. Furthermore, Richard is a trained automotive engineer who has always built his own race cars -and this Pajero is no exception. In 2001 Richard won the British Group N tarmac rally championship and then stopped topflight rallying -but since then he hasn’t exactly been resting on his laurels. In 2007 he entered the Peking to Paris in a Mark II Jaguar with a first-time navigator and they finished second. Since then that first time navigator, Richard’s partner Nicola has gained considerable experience…

“Nicola has learned a lot and we are hoping that this navigation experience will give us a chance of a good finish result. There are, however, a number of other factors that are less favourable. First, there is the car. Normally I take 18 months to build a car and I would strip it down to the last nut and bolt. I laid my hands on the Pajero in May 2021 and since then I have only been able to do the most basic preparation. Obtaining parts has also proved complicated -something that Brexit and Covid have done nothing to facilitate. Another factor to take into consideration is the sheer size of the entry. With 150 crews there are bound to be some pretty skilled and experienced competitors out there. Finally, there is the lottery aspect of driving in the desert. As many a Dakar competitor knows from bitter experience, you only have to hit a rock hidden in the sand at the wrong angle and it is game over. Given all that, we shall not be stressing over the result. We are, however, most definitely looking forward to the whole adventure.”




  • PAJERO V55
  • وسطة ​​100-97

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