N°718 Classic TECNOSPORT


(ita) 1.74m / 70kg



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Ditta Mazzucco tetti e serramenti / IP petroli / Rustichella d’Abruzzo pasta / Santero 958 bevande / Sparco / Andreani Group / Comune Sanremo / Squadra corse Angelo Caffi / Pro Grip / Team Tecnosport / 4x4 auto storiche Piacenza

2023: 79th (Classic)
2022: 88th (Classic)
2021: 7th (Classic)
2002: Moto, 37th
2001: Moto, 37th
2000: Moto, 35th
1998: Auto, 40th
1997: Moto, ab. stage 8
1996: Moto, 30th
1995: Moto, 20th
1992: Moto, ab. stage 7

2017: Nascar Euro Series Championship, 3rd
2016: Grand Pris Monaco Historic, 10th / Rally of Morocco / Rally of the Pharaohs / Rally Tunisia
2014: Italian Super Enduro Bike Champion
1995: Rally Tunisia, 9th /
1990-91: Snowmobiles Team Italy European Championship
1990: Incas Rally Lima/Rio de Janeiro 1990, 12th / Italian snowmobile champion
1983: Italian Enduro Team Champion


“Finishing the Dakar brings emotions you can’t describe”

Italy’s off-road history is among the richest, as highlighted by the association between Luciano Carcheri and Fabrizia Pons, united to take on the Saudi desert after they made history in their own fields. A trailblazer in the 1990s on his bike, Carcheri has fully embraced the Dakar Classic since its inception, in 2021. The category saw him make his return to the world’s greatest rally-raid nearly two decades after his last participation. And this time, he brings alongside him Fabrizia Pons, whose extraordinary off-road story spans since the end of the 1970s. A key figure of the WRC in the 1980s and 1990s, most notably associated with Michèle Mouton aboard an Audi Quattro, she discovered the Dakar at the beginning of the 21st century, taking on the desert alongside iconic names such as Volkswagen, Jutta Kleinschmidt and Ari Vatanen. When she first participated, she thought it would just be a one time experience… Twenty years later, new horizons lie ahead of her.

L.C.: “When the Classic category was born, I immediately got invested and I bought a car in Lithuania. That car was doing the Dakar back when I was riding on my bike. I prepared it all on my own to make bring back this vehicle that has made history in the Dakar.
The most beautiful thing for me is to be in race virtually without mechanical assistance. drive and I handle the mechanics. I know the car inside out. It brings me back to the original spirit of the Dakar: you get in your car, you go, and then you’re on your own. It’s really gratifying to overcome such challenges.
I have an exceptional navigator with Fabrizia. She’s a huge passionate, very brave and very experienced. I consider I have the best navigator in the field.”

F.P.: “The Dakar has meant a lot for me, it got me back into the game. Being a navigator in rally doesn’’t mean you can do that in rally-raid… I had to work on everything and Jutta [Kleinschmidt] was a great teacher for me to understand what the Dakar is. My only regret with the Dakar is to have done it only five times. Ari [Vatanen] asked me so many times to do it with him before I came for the first time with Jutta!
When I boarded for Africa the first time, I remember my thoughts: ‘This will just be a one off, it’s too long, too demanding…’ And it became a great adventure, we made it to the end and I was delighted. And then, making it to the podium in 2005 was a very beautiful experience.
When Luciano offered me to do the Dakar last year, I thought: “Why not?” But then, my daughter was pregnant with her second child. He was due in December… I couldn’t leave her alone at home! But Luciano asked me to do it this year and here we go!
Finishing the Dakar brings emotions you can’t describe. It doesn’t matter your ranking, it’s a dream. The Dakar itself is a dream.”




  • Classic Auto (Low average) 87-96

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