N°709 Classic DEXT P-RALLY


(pol) 1.94m / 95kg


Rallycross, Ski, Caravaning

First participation

Experience of 28 seasons in Rallycross
Several titles in the CEZ Championship and the Polish Championship


“The time has finally come to appear at the starting line”

The passion for motorsports runs in the blood of the Zoll twin brothers. Their grandfather, Jozek, competed in rallies in the 1960s. Lukasz and Michal had their first driving experience with him at the age of 5. Their father, Marcin, continued the tradition, even becoming Polish champion. No coincidence, therefore, if we find them at the starting line of the Dakar. We may even be surprised to see them only getting involved now, as they have been exploring the tracks for years and years. Lukasz is for example known for his qualities as a rallycross driver, while Michal has participated in various motorcycle races. They will discover the Dakar with a Porsche 924, therefore on the Dakar Classic. The plan of the Polish rookies, aged 46, is to gain experience and then progress towards the traditional Dakar.

T.Z.: “The Dakar is our childhood dream. We have followed all the action of the race from a very young age, and have always wanted to complete this dream which will come true in 2024. For this first participation, our objective is to bring our Porsche 924 to the finish line. In the following years, we would like to win the Dakar Classic, and then move towards other categories.”

M.Z.: “The greatest motivation to participate in the Dakar Rally is the long-standing desire to fulfill a lifelong dream. I have always been a fan of this race, and for many years, I have known numerous people who have already realized this dream. The time has finally come for me to appear at the starting line! Another dream is to do it again in the following years. Our first and most important goal is to reach the finish line of the rally. In the future, after gaining experience, we could set higher goals, but for now, our aim is to cross the finish line.”




  • 924
  • P-Rally
  • P-Rally
  • Classic Auto (moderate average) < 86

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