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“It’s magic!”

The Dakar Classic exposes special jewels, and Stefano Calzi’s Mitsubishi Parejo MPR is a magnificent one. Not only did this model make history in the 1990s, conquering the desert as well as the fans’ hearts, Stefano brings back in action the exact car Jean-Pierre Fontenay and Bruno Musmarra drove to the 3rd place in 1996. A mechanics virtuoso as well as a seasoned Dakarian himself, he dismounted and remounted the MPR 51 for a spectacular revival in 2022 with his longtime friend Umberto Fiori. The two of them used to participate in the Dakar aboard trucks in the 2000s and Umberto drove a Man last year (he had to withdraw halfway through the race) while Stefano attended his clients driving with Motortecnica Racing Team. But with the 45th edition of the world’s greatest rally, the two friends turn back the clock with Stefano’s Mitsubishi.

S.C.: “Why I always comes to the Dakar can be summed up pretty easily: it’s magic! When I was racing with the truck, half way through it, just before making it to the rest day, I would always be like: ‘Who made me do this? That’s it, I won’t come back’. And then, even before finishing it, I was already thinking about how I can participate in the next edition. As Dakarians, it’s always in our mind: I want to be there one more year.
And then, I went into the Dakar Classic because I’ve bought several cars, beginning with Fontenay’s MPR from 1996. I wanted to bring it to the Dakar and I managed to do it in 2022. And I also rent other cars to clients and I assist them with Motortecnica Racing Team.
For someone who did the Dakar by in the 2000s, the Dakar Classic is a bit easier but it’s a beautiful adventure. It’s fascinating and moving to drive a proper car from the time, an official one. It’s like driving a former Formula 1 on a new track. It’s a car that I believe is still competitive nowadays but with the technology from the time, a turbo engine, fast gears, big suspensions… And it’s a very light car, 1,700kg for 150 CV, 450 with the booster.
I watched that car when I was young. I’ve always been passionate about motors. My father and my grandfather were mechanics. We always watched the Dakar and we were amazed with this car.”

U.F.: “The Dakar was a dream and it still feels like that. It’s the most important race in the world for someone into this type of events. It’s a beautiful adventure. I love the challenge. My life has been about challenges. And I’m more than happy to return.
The Dakar Classic brings a special atmosphere. I first did it with a Peugeot 404 without assistance and it was an adventure. Now, with Stefano, he also attends his clients and I’m delighted to go with him because we’ve been friends for many years.
The beautiful thing is he has an amazing car, one of these cars that made history in the Dakar. Just sitting in it means so much. It smells of editions that made the world dream, it’s a delight. Finishing the Dakar is already a big thing, no matters the classification.”




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  • Motortecnica Racing Team
  • Classic Auto (high average) 87-96

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