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Team SSP

2023: Ab. trucks (fast assistance for Team SSP)
2022: 119th Dakar Classic
2021: Ab. trucks (fast assistance for PH-Sport)
2016: Ab. SSVs
2010: 54th bikes
2009: Ab. bikes
2007: Ab. bikes

2015: Intercontinental Rally (1st) / Hellas Rally (1st)
2014: Intercontinental Rally (1st) / Serres Rally
2013: Czech Offroad Championship (1st) / European Bajas Championship (2nd)
2008: Transoriental Rally (8th)
2007: Baja Romania (2nd), Baja Hungary (8th)
2006: Baja Romania (3rd)
2005: Baja Hungary (5th) / Baja Latvia (1st) / Czech Marathon series (4th)


“I think it’s going to be more fun”

For the second consecutive year, Dusan Randysek will be driving a fast assistance truck for Team SSP at Dakar 2024. The 52-year-old from the Czech Republic has been involved in rally-raid for almost 20 years, making his first three Dakar appearances on a bike. He retired from the 2007 and 2009 editions, but made it successfully to the finish line in Buenos Aires in 2010. He then helped to develop one of the first SSVs -the Arctic Cat Wildcat- before competing in that class at Dakar 2016. He discovered a third different category at Dakar 2021, taking over from his brother Robert as the driver of a fast assistance truck for PH-Sport. Dusan and his son Frantisek then did something a bit different at Dakar 2022. To celebrate their 50th and 18th birthdays, the father-and-son duo did Dakar Classic in a 1960s-era Land Rover Series II. Dusan later quipped that it was great fun competing with “the oldest car and the youngest participant”, and said it felt like being one of the original Dakar adventurers in Africa. His profession just so happens to be buying and selling classic cars, and he would love to line up in Dakar Classic again with all three of his sons, once they’re old enough. For the time being, though, he enjoys the thrill of providing fast assistance in the Dakar proper. After doing a solid job for SSP a year ago, he’ll be getting behind the wheel of an upgraded MAN TGA, with which he’ll be supporting the MD Rallye team and a couple of Century Racing cars. Like last year, he is joined by two Frenchmen. Laurent Lalanne switches to the navigator’s seat after working as a mechanic for Giso Verschoor on another SSP assistance truck at Dakar 2023, while Victor Bouchwalder steps up to onboard mechanic after doing voluntary assistance for SSP in the bivouac last year. The trio of truck #643 will definitely have their hands full during this 46th edition, but they can't wait to get stuck in.

D.R.: “I'm going with Team SSP again. I'm still working as assistance, but it’s going to be fast and reliable service. I’ll be assisting some fast buggies for Century Racing. So I think it’s going to be more fun. I’ve been involved in this sport for quite a while now, since 2006 I guess. My brother was working for SSP and they were asking for a second driver, because they were quite happy with him. So that’s how I ended up in fast assistance. What I’ve discovered is that they’re quite pleased with drivers from eastern Europe, because they find us fast and reliable. It was a unique experience with my son in 2022. It was great fun doing Dakar Classic together, with the Land Rover that had been sitting in my garage for a few years. My dream is to do Dakar Classic again with my three boys. Since 2000, I haven’t been at home in January because I was always on the Dakar or some other event. So I told my sons: don’t stay home in January! Go and have an adventure instead. I’m still involved in racing with buggies and I like the classic categories. That’s what I do for a living: buying and selling classic cars.”

L.L.: “Dakar 2023 was amazing. It was a dream for me to go last year, and a dream to come back this year. Motorsport has been my passion since childhood. I’m a regular in the French TT rallies championship, as a competitor and organiser. The motorsport industry is so small that everyone knows each other. I met SSP a few years ago and got into doing assistance, first in Portugal and then they brought me to the Dakar. Last year we were looking after MD Rallye, and they asked for me again this year. This time I'll be the navigator and Victor will be our onboard mechanic. We’re going to be doing all of the MD Rallye team and two Century buggies. It’s funny, a couple of my friends are going to be co-drivers of those vehicles. I think it’s going to be a great edition.”

V.B.: “This will be my first time actually taking part in the Dakar. Last year I was there as mechanical assistance for the race trucks, working as a volunteer for SSP. I would watch the boys leaving for the stages, then sit in the bivouac thinking, ‘I want to be out there!’ I’m an agricultural mechanic. I used to watch the Dakar as a kid and always wanted to get involved. In 2010 I did my first 4L Trophy in Morocco, at the age of 18, more for the humanitarian aspect. I’ve also done the women’s equivalent, the Roses des Sables. In 2019 I did the 4L again in an assistance truck and that’s where I met Laurent. Last year he rang me up and said, “I’m doing the Dakar with SSP and there’s one spot left, so if you’re coming you have to decide this week!” I didn’t have to think about it for long. It’s a great adventure and I wanted to do it at least once. But then SSP suggested I come back for Dakar 2024, so I asked to be part of the racing crew. I know Laurent very well and met Dusan last year, we hit it off nicely. Another of my colleagues from last year is doing Dakar Classic, so we’re getting the whole band back together! It should be great.”




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  • T5.2: Race Service Assistance Trucks

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