N°139 دراجة FlexitGO Dakar Team


(ltu) 1.76m / 90kg


auto/moto sport

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1st participation

2023: Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge (9th Rally2) / Rallye du Maroc (DNF)
2022: Dubai International Baja (11th) / Fenix Rally 2022
2021: Dubai International Baja (13th) / Andalusia Rally 2021 (30th)


“Everyone in Lithuania is rally-raid mad”

The classic route in off-road competition is to start on bikes and then move to cars: ‘with age comes a cage’ as they say in the bivouac. But Modestas Siliunas is coming at it from the other direction, moving from four wheels, especially track racing, to racing bikes. What’s truly impressive is how swiftly he’s mastered this switch. Normally motorcycle competitors start riding very young whereas Modestas only began off-road riding three and a half years ago and has been competing for just three years, mainly in Poland, Lithuania and UAE. Fortunately he has a very experienced coach behind him -none other than Original by Motul class winner Arunas Gelazninkas. He’s a man who knows a thing about getting to the finish line. So, they set up a team that will be supporting Modestas while Arunas himself will be co-driving for his wife in an SSV! Clearly Arunus is a good coach because ‘back’ in 2022 Modestas won the Lithanian Rally Raid Championship. And given the Lithuanian’s obsession with rally-raid you have to assume the standard is reasonably high!

Modestas Siliunas: “I actually attempted to join the Dakar rally in 2023, but ASO advised me that I needed more experience in dune racing. So, I participated in the Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge, which went quite well for me. I secured the 9th position out of 29 Rally2 bikes entered. As a result, they’ve granted me entry for the 2024 event.
Lithuania is a small country with just 3 million people, but our passion for rally-raid is immense. Considering our population size, we boast one of the highest numbers of Dakar competitors. For me, the main goal is to finish the race, and then we’ll take it from there. While my wife and daughter might think I’m a bit mad, they are incredibly supportive, just like my friends, colleagues at work and sponsors.
I own an industrial scaffolding and technical insulation business undertaking projects across Europe. It’s crucial for me to demonstrate to my colleagues that with determination, setting goals, and making the necessary sacrifices, anything can be achieved -although I must confess, juggling business responsibilities and finding time to train for the rally is quite challenging!”


FlexitGO Dakar Team


  • KTM
  • AG Dakar School - ITCC
  • AG Dakar School - ITCC
  • رالي 2

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