(hun) Born on 14/02/1973 at VAC


Royal Fitness, Euromotorgroup, Copyguru, Workerline KFT, Motorrevu, Adrenalin, Quebeck, Duna-Drava Cement


2017: Ab. Stage 3

2017: Baja Hungary , Albania Rally, Hellas Rally
2016: Baja Hungary
2015: Morocco Rally, Baja Hungary
2013: Baja 1000 (2nd)


“An absolute decisive experience for the future”

Passion and heritage is what took Lajos Horvath to the Dakar. A passion that he got from his regretted father involved in racing for many years and founder of mini rallies back home in Hungary. After witnessing several other sports, his life changed when he started riding bikes. In January 2017, « Laller » finally fulfilled his dream of being at the start of the Dakar. Despite being forced to quit as soon as day 3, the Hungarian lived a life changing experience. Being part of a field of the world’s best riders has convinced him to come back and work even harder. After competing in several rallies on European soil and going through a very intense training program including an altitude and high temperature preparation, he will fly off to South America with the ambition to finish what he had started a year ago.

“During my life I've tried a lot of sports and various competitions, but then fate allowed me to discover off-road rallies and a new dimension opened for me. I feel I’m at home. Off-road rallying is the sport where I can express myself at 100%. And the summit of cross-country racing is of course the Dakar. My first Dakar will be an amazing memory for my entire life and shows that impossible does not exist. I was competing among world stars. I had a new purpose in life. It was an absolute decisive experience for the future! The Dakar is the peak of off-road motorsports. I always wanted it and I still want it!”



  • Mark : KTM
  • Model : 450 RALLY REPLICA
  • Performance tuner : LALLER RACING
  • Assistance : LALLER RACING
  • Class : M_G2.1 : Super Production

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