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“The Dakar is an adventure more than a race”

From Italy to Saudi Arabia, passing by the South of France, Morocco, and many other destinations around the world. Giuliano Bergo’s road to the Dakar is a winding one and, hopefully, one that will deliver on his high expectations: “I’ve sold my company and now I kind of do what pleases me”, the mechanics explains. Riding his bike is among those things that please Giuliano and that’s how he met with Christian Bigou, promoter of rally raid events dedicated to classic cars. Reminiscing of his experience as a WRC mechanics in the 1990s, Bergo was hooked and, one vintage inspiration leading to the other, he is now gearing for a maiden Dakar Classic participation aboard a Mitsubishi Pajero Evolution from 1998. The car he will drive in the Saudi desert saw RalliArt Off Road Team Italy - R Team dominate the off road Italian Championship in 2002 and 2004. Aboard this icon, Bergo is joined by his friend Robert Blaas, a passionate for great outdoors who will leave behind him his company Rothoblaas (developing and distributing for professionals of timber construction) and the vineyard he cultivates as he takes on a new adventure.

G.B.: “In 2021, I met with Christian Bigou. We were riding our bikes, we stopped at a traffic light and we started speaking. He explained to me he was organizing races in the desert of Morocco with two-wheel-drive vehicles. I’m passionate about antique cars so I told him: ‘I’ll do it.’ And from there, I bought a car. And while I was listening to an interview with Rebecca Busi, she was explaining it was easier for her economically to do the Dakar compared to other races because she found more sponsors. So I figured: ‘Dakar seemed like an impossible dream but she might be right…’ I tried and I found my way to the Dakar.
I’ve lived in a world of motors since I was born, basically. I’m a small collectionneur of antique cars, I’ve done enduro events for years on my bike, I’ve been a mechanics for five years in the WRC… I’ve always been inside this racing environment. And I like driving in the desert, so following the Dakar came naturally.
I want to finish and above all to enjoy myself. For me, the Dakar is an adventure more than a race. I’m more interested in helping people if a situation arises rather than fighting for the standings. I can’t wait for the Dakar to start, because we’ll have a blast together!”

R.B.: “Giuliano is a friend, he told me about how he was preparing for the Dakar and looking for a navigator… So I said: ‘Here I am!’ And from there, we started working together towards the Dakar.
I’ve ridden bikes in enduro, in circuits and off roads. Anything related with motors, I’ve always enjoyed it. I’ve always driven, already as a kid. Once we’re in the race, we’ll see how to react. We’ll need to be responsive, I like this a lot. A good Dakar would mean a Dakar where we enjoy ourselves, meet with lots interesting people… and let’s say we don’t finish right at the bottom!”




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