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“To finish it, pure and simple”

After supporting the Coronel brothers last year, Michel Kremer moves into driving duties at the Dutch team in 2023, behind the wheel of a Century CR6. Alongside Kremer will be friend Thomas De Bois, who brings a wealth of Dakar experience on both two and four wheels.

M.K.: “I first got involved in the Dakar in 2011 when I joined a team as support and got addicted! Last year I went with Tim and Tom Coronel as support and now I'm going to drive myself.
“Our preparations have gone well. I did a couple of races, the Andalucia Rally and Portalegre Rally, with Tim. We finished both and Tim’s taught me a lot because I don't have a lot of experience. My approach for the Dakar is to finish it, pure and simple. I’ll take advantage of anyone else’s mistakes rather than try to be a hero.
“Thomas is a good friend of mine. I asked him to join me as co-driver because he has a lot of experience.”

Thomas de Bois: “This will be my eleventh Dakar. I’ve done it five times on a bike, twice in a car and three times in a truck. Michel's a very nice and relaxed guy, as well as a good driver. I think we make a really good team and the Coronel guys are also great to work with. Getting to the finish is our target but, just as importantly, we want to have a lot of fun! Of course, you always have some days at the Dakar where things are hard, but when you look back on them it’s a feeling of satisfaction.
“I’m a little bit afraid for the second week of this year’s event because I think the sand will be very soft. In a rear wheel drive buggy that will be a big challenge. I hope my experience will help find the good lines. You must read the dunes. With only two-wheel drive you cannot always follow the other tracks. You must be careful, smart and make the right choices.”




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