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Motorsports, skiing, surfing


LKQ Fource, MPM, ERU Prestige, JBL, Maxxis, Mascot workwear, Keukenwarenhuis, B&S heftrucks, Batavia tools, Toolspecial

2021: 26th (with twin brother Tom)
2020: 28th (with twin brother Tom)
2019: 42nd (with twin brother Tom)
2018: 35 (with twin brother Tom)
2017: 45 (solo)
2016: 35 (winner solo class)
2015: Ab. Stage 2 (solo)
2014: Ab. Stage 11 (solo)
2013: 56 (solo)
2012: 45 (solo)
2011: 36 (first solo)
2010: 50 (first solo)
2009: 70 (with twin brother Tom)
2007: 46 (with girlfriend Gaby Uljee)


“May we introduce to you all our new Dakar rally car!”

Last year Tim and Tom experienced a nearly perfect Dakar rally, finishing in 26th after two weeks of fierce competition in the Arabian desert. There were no major problems, ‘The Beast’ got through nicely. But almost every day there was the same complaint, lack of speed! They were left in a cloud of dust on the long straights by other cars. And that’s not exactly like the twin brothers. At the finish, Tim and Tom Coronel already hinted that they were ready for something new, a next step.

Tom C.: “I was a bit fed up with the dust of other cars. We had perfect results in the dunes but had not the speed we need for the straights. We had the nagging idea that we could have gone ten places higher. So, we introduce to you: ‘the Century CR6’! Speed will no longer be the problem with the 7.0 lt. Chevrolet V8 engine on board of the Century CR6. The South African-made two-wheel drive buggy has already proven itself, Brian Baragwanath achieved six top 10 positions last year with this car. At the start of the upcoming Dakar there will be a fleet of ten Century’s.”
“This will definitely be the next level, what a pleasure. It steers like a sports car, it’s very responsive and sharp. It does exactly what you want. Because the car is lighter, smoother and more agile than what we were used to and has about 100 hp more, it will allow us to be competitive enough to compete with the sub-top. We can really start thinking now about ten places higher than last year. My expectation is that we can end up somewhere between 15th and 20th place, with an occasional peak to the top 10.”

Tim C.: “We’ve known Julien Hardy, owner of Century Racing and builder of the car, for quite some time. In recent years with The Beast, he came to visit us in the bivouac almost every evening, very perseverant. ‘You have to drive my car.’ Unlike The Beast, the Century is a car that was built for rally raids. It has many years of development. With The Beast, a converted Baja car, we were at the limit and couldn’t get any further. This is truly a race car built for the desert.”
“Driving fast isn’t difficult, but it also increases the risks. And the prizes are at the finish, after two weeks of competition. It is, and remains the Dakar, dunes remain dunes, a hole remains a hole. The car can make it easier for us, but the speed can also be the weak point. That will be the biggest challenge: not to be tempted to drive faster than the conditions allow.”




  • CR6
  • Century Racing and Coronel Dakar Team
  • Coronel Dakar Team
  • : 4x2 Essence et Diesel

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