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2021: 3rd (2 stage wins)
2018: Ab. Stage 7
2017: 3rd (1 stage win)
2016: Ab. Stage 11 (1 stage win)
2015: Ab. Stage 6
2014: Ab. Stage 6
2012: Ab. Stage 4 (1 stage win)
2011: 5th
2010: Ab. Stage 5

2021: Vegas to Reno (5th)
2020: American UTV Championship
2016: Desafío Chaco (2nd), Mina Clavero Rally (Ab.), Argentine Cross-Country Rally Championship
2015: Argentine Cross-Country Rally Championship (7th)
2014: Argentine Cross-Country Rally Championship (9th)
2013: FIM Quads World Championship (4th); Qatar Rally (4th), Cerdeña Rally (2nd), Desafio Ruta 40 (5th)
2011: Baja 500 (3rd)
2010: Atacama Rally (5th)


“The goal is always to win the Dakar”

Pablo Copetti has been one of the top competitors in the quads for over a decade, and returns for his milestone 10th outing on the Dakar with ambitions of claiming overall victory. The 46-year-old from Argentina is now based in the USA, and even acquired American nationality two years ago. Following his excellent podium finish at Dakar 2021 he got a call from Pablo Veglia, the owner of Del Amo Motorsports, who was keen to get him involved with a new project. One of the biggest motorsport dealerships in the country, Del Amo ended up joining forces with Yamaha USA to get behind Pablo, thus creating the first American team to compete in the quads class at the Dakar. Pablo was born in Cordoba and only began riding seriously at the age of 31, when he moved to Patagonia and began competing in quad cross. The Dakar switched to South America in 2009 and he quickly seized the opportunity to get involved, making his debut in 2010 and demonstrating his potential with an impressive fifth place in 2011. He has had to deal with plenty of frustration over the years, abandoning the rally on six occasions, but third-placed finishes in 2017 and 2021 show that he is a force to be reckoned with. Pablo is a fierce competitor, but also has a keen sense of fair play; the image of him hugging last year's winner Manuel Andujar when they both crossed the finish line was an admirable display of Dakar spirit. This year, Pablo took part in Vegas to Reno -the longest offroad race in the USA- as well as training hard in California and Nevada. He has previously described the quads as the “hardest vehicles to drive” at the Dakar, but that won't stop him trying to steer his Yamaha Raptor into top spot on the Saudi Arabian sands.

P.C.: “I've lived in the USA for almost 10 years, and I feel very proud to compete for Team USA. Since my first day here I've received support, and I was able to start a professional career. Thanks to support from the government to athletes, I became an American citizen two years ago. I'm very thankful and I love this country!! I was born in Argentina and I also love Patagonia. I always miss my friends and part of my family. Dakar 2021 was a good experience, although we had many problems with the quad. After two years without racing the rally, it was hard for the team to come back and be competitive. We had some problems with the engine that didn’t allow us to fight for the win. But overall it was good, because I was third and won some stages. I knew Manu before he started racing in the Dakar. Although I'm a very competitive person, I have no problem recognising who is the best. Last year Manu was the best and I felt happy for him. We haven't made many changes for Dakar 2022. We've improved the navigation system. The engine is almost the same setup, because we decided to compete with a reliable configuration. The goal is always to win the Dakar, but the class is very competitive. You have many riders who can win the race: Andujar, Enrico, Giroud, Medeiro, Pedemonte and Vitse are the main rivals. We know that one big mistake or one big problem with the quad and you cannot win it. I trust my team and I will do my best to win it.”




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Classement 2022

Toute l'actualité de P. Copetti

Réactions - 11/01 16:57 [GMT +3] - Quad

Pablo Copetti : « Il veut la victoire, je veux la victoire »

Le pilote américano-argentin n’a pas dit son dernier mot : 2e du classement général, il va tout tenter pour rejoindre Alexandre Giroud, qui le précède de 24’31’’.

« C’est difficile de revenir, mais j’ai un peu réduit l’écart aujourd’hui, j’ai...

Dépêches - 11/01 13:39 [GMT +3] - Quad

Copetti s'impose et reprend 5' sur Giroud

Pablo Copetti signe la victoire du jour devant le leader du provisoire Giroud. L'Argentin au passeport américain reprend 5' sur le Français qui a désormais 24'31'' d'avance sur son poursuivant. En prenant la 3e place du jour, Moreno revient sur les talons de Wisniewski pour la bagarre pour la dernière place du podium. Les deux hommes sont...

Dépêches - 11/01 11:01 [GMT +3] - Quad

Copetti grapille

Au km 118, Pablo Copetti a repris la main au chrono sur le Brésilien Medeiros qui accuse 1'22'' de retard. Giroud n'est pas loin à 1'55''. Au général virtuel, le Français conserve son leadership mais Copetti grapille du terrain et remonte à 28'52''. Un matelas que Giroud peut envisager de gérer mais qui fond doucement.


Dépêches - 11/01 10:12 [GMT +3] - Quad

Giroud s'accroche

Le Brésilien Medeiros, hors jeu pour la victoire, fait le carnaval au chrono ! Comme hier, c'est lui qui mène la spéciale au premier pointage au km 40. Copetti est 2e à 5'' et Giroud 3e à 23''. Le Français conserve sa place de leader du général provisoire, toujours avec un demie heure sur Copetti.

Dépêches - 07/01 09:15 [GMT +3] - Quad

Giroud traqué par Copetti et Andujar

Alexandre Giroud part dans le rôle du chassé ce matin. Il a pris la tête du 44e Dakar hier soir et compte 27’40 au général provisoire sur Copetti qu’il a détrôné suite à la spéciale écourtée d’hier. Andujar est à 58’39. L’Américain et l’Argentin...

Réactions - 05/01 18:06 [GMT +3] - Quad

Pablo Copetti : « Mon avance n’est pas suffisante »

Leader du général chez les quads, le pilote américano-argentin conserve 13’20’’ d’avance sur le Français Alexandre Giroud.

« J’ai démarré à l’avant, je savais que les trois pilotes qui me suivaient allaient me reprendre, et on a passé toute l’étape...

Réactions - 04/01 13:05 [GMT +3] - Quad

Pablo Copetti : « Terminer… sinon tu ne peux pas gagner »

Vainqueur de l’étape du jour, le pilote américano-argentin prend aussi la tête de la catégorie, avec 2’ d’avance sur le Français Alexandre Giroud.

« C’était une belle étape, et je suis content parce que je la gagne. J’ai roulé prudemment parce que je ne voulais...


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