GDP Group, Bas Dakar

2020: first appearance

Africa Eco Race 2018, Finke Desert Race, Morocco Rally, Baja Rally


“Sometimes you have to run into the flames”

Weekend after weekend, he would wake up well before his wife and two kids to hop on his bike and train with his mind set on the Dakar. Matthew Tisdall fell in love with the event a bit by accident. On a family trip in South America, the Australian discovered the Dakar in Mendoza back in 2009 and thought it was “pretty interesting”. Not from a biking background, he bought his first dirt-bike 6 years ago and went on to compete in the Finke Desert Race - his first race on home soil. The passion then developed and took him abroad to Baja Rally, Rally Du Maroc, and several editions of the Moroccan Desert Challenge. The next turning point would be the 2019 Africa Eco Race, which he finished without complications. A conversation with Team Manager, Patsy Quick (former Dakar rider) made him understand that he has what it takes to go for the big one - the Dakar. Owner of a company that specialises in construction and maintaining high rise buildings, Matt likes to challenge himself and there’s no bigger challenge than reaching the finish of the Dakar.

“After seeing the Dakar in Argentina, I always had it in the back of my mind, but I was hopeless on a bike. I wanted to see how far I could take it. I finished the Africa Eco Race and speaking with Patsy Quick, she told me doing the Dakar was a possibility for me. If I do it, now was the time. I like the sand so Saudi Arabia is perfect, and my navigation is OK. My worry is failing, spending a lot of time and money, but not finishing. The goal is to finish not looking at the results. I’d be disappointed if the Dakar wasn’t a challenge. I’m concerned that it might become addictive. I just love racing rallies. I like the speed and the inner race within yourself. On one of my training rides I heard someone on the radio say, sometimes you have to run into the flames. I think that’s it, some people run the other way and others get drawn towards the danger and excitement.”



  • Marque : KTM
  • Modèle : 450 RALLY
  • Préparateur : Bas Dakar KTM Racing team
  • Assistance : Bas Dakar KTM Racing team
  • Classe : G2.1 Super production

Classement 2020

Scratch Étape Général
1 129 129 129
2 132 132 130
3 125 125 124
4 123 122 120
5 115 115 113
6 104 102 108
7 99 99 102
8 - - 102
9 104 104 99
10 101 100 97
11 94 94 96
12 100 100 96


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