N°705 Classic A.L. RALLY




Recaro, BF Goodrich, Maxtrax, Flying Eyes, SPEED Energy, IMPACT Racing, PCI Race Radios, Blunik

2021: 15th on Dakar Classic

Rallye des Gazelles (4 times)
Mint 400
Australasian Safari Rally
Rebel Rally


“Last year was a really steep learning curve!”

Amy Lerner and Sara Bossaert have obviously been bitten by the bug. Even before last year’s Dakar Classic participation Amy already had a strong background in motorsport competition. She grew up around cars as her father collected antique vehicles and she entered her first desert event back in 2011 when she took part in the female only Rallye des Gazelles. She went on to take part in another three editions before signing up for the Australasian Safari which she raced in a Jeep. She actually won the Dakar Challenge at that event and with it a free entry, except a busy work and family life forced her to put the idea on hold. However, the mother of two, who has worked in Wall Street, real estate and more recently film, finally found time in her busy schedule to enter the inaugural 2021 Dakar Classic with her friend, Barcelona based rally novice Sara Bossaert. They finished a credible 15th in their much-admired René Metge tribute Porsche 911 and were so taken with the event they are coming back to have another crack at it 2022. But this time with considerably more ambition…

“Last year was a really steep learning curve. Going into it we understood the basic principles of a regularity rally, the broad brush strokes if you like, but none of the subtleties. Turns out there’s a lot of strategy and we learnt a great deal as the rally went on. We improved our results everyday and in the second week of the race really started to get our heads around the whole concept. We also had an amazing time and so coming back was a no brainer. Although our car is two-wheel drive and not four like the original, it went really well, with a broken shock mount being pretty much our only problem, so we left it with the De Mevius family in Belgium and they have given it a complete rally prep ready for 2022. We’ve also done a few more road regularity rallies since the 2021 Dakar Classic so we should be a lot better prepared and hopefully considerably more competitive in 2022. A podium would be excellent but we’d be very happy with a Top 10. I reckon the competition is going to be a lot tougher this year. For a start there are almost four times as many cars entered in 2022 so statistically it is going to be that much harder to be up at the sharp end of the results sheet”




  • 911SC
  • AL Racing
  • a Baja anterior al 86

Clasificación 2022


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