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2021: 50th

Hellas Rally, Panafrica Rally, Morocco Rally 2019, Africa Eco Race 2020


“I feel strong mentally and that’s the key”

Saying that a Dakar biker has incomparable mental strength and is slightly crazy is a pleonasm. Three years ago, Andrew Houlihan, an experienced rider from New South Wales suffered a terrible crash during the Hellas Rally in Greece. An accident that sent him to hospital for a month and later forced him to have several surgeries on his knees. But that crash was actually what pushed him to go for the Dakar. His first appearance was certainly not an easy one: a crash on day 3 saw him suffer until the final day with a broken scaphoid. He still managed to reach the finish line in 50th position. In his quest to compete in 5 consecutive Dakar rallies, Houlihan returned to training. And just to make things a little harder, the tough Aussie suffered a severe crash during training, hitting not one but two kangaroos. That meant more recovery time and no way to train. Houlihan who was able to return on his bike only in November however feels optimistic to once again complete a Dakar with his mate Pablo Guillen, a man who became a friend and almost a part of his family back when Andrew was fighting to survive after his crash in Greece.

“I’ve been riding for the last twenty years. As a kid I rode bikes until age 15 and then stopped. It was when I met my wife that we decided to buy dirt bikes and I have since then been competing in motocross and rallies. My crash in Greece that forced me to spend a month in a Greek hospital just made me more determined to do the Dakar that was always in the back of my mind. It was very satisfying to get to the finish of my first Dakar last year, but it was really hard. I crashed on day 3 and injured my wrist. From then on I was treating each day like it would be the last. I wanted it hard and I got that. For me the highlights were the people I met and raced with. Because of the lockdown in Australia, the only event you could follow was the Dakar and I was surprised by all the exposure I got. I return because my goal is to do five Dakar rallies. I love hard things, I love that challenge. Since I returned from the last Dakar, and after a long quarantine, all my focus has been on the Dakar. My preparation was however troubled by a crash during training when I hit two kangaroos. It took me four months to recover, so my preparation was limited. But I’m not too worried because I now know what I’m in for. My initial goal was to do better than my 50th position, but now the ambition is just to finish again. I feel strong mentally and that’s the key. And luckily there are no kangaroos in Saudi Arabia.”




  • KTM
  • 450 RALLY REP
  • Nomadas Adventure
  • Nomadas Racing
  • M_R2_NO

Clasificación 2022


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