(nld) 1.88m / 105kg




Schijf Group, Dehaco, E&B reclame, HSW, RvG stucadoors, B&S natuursteen, Q&R special Products, De Herbergh, Keizer engine revision

2013: 24th (truck)
2012: 28th (truck)
2011: 29th (truck)
2010: 12th (truck, co-driver with Van Pelt)

2019: Morocco Desert Challenge (14th), Balkan Off Road Rally (8th)


“I know what it takes to get to the finish”

Teun Stam has been active in cyclo cross (on world championship level) for many years before he was introduced to off road motorsports. He has been as a co-pilot with Rob Van Pelt and drove a truck in the Dakar, but this is the first time he enters with his own team and a car. In daily life, Teun Stam focuses on his own demolition company and of course his wife, son and daughter. The demolition company, Schijf, is a major player in the Netherlands and has been contracted for big and complicated reconstruction projects, like the Johan Cruijff Arena, basements in the inner city of Amsterdam, Utrecht University, Hilton Hotel and the construction of a BMX track.

Teun Stam: “In 2004 I gave up on cyclo cross. After my last World Cup I put away the bike and never touched it again. Not long after that, I met some people who where active in rally raids and was introduced to Johan Elfrink, who entered the Dakar with his truck. I got involved in the project and one thing led to another. I did several Dakars with a fast assistance truck, and now it is time to compete with my own team, Schijf Rally, and a car. We’ve done several rallies with the Toyota Rallycruiser and I’m very happy with it. It is certainly not the fastest car, but it is a smart concept, reliable and simple. I know what it takes to get to the finish and that is what I tell to my copilot, who is not only a navigator but also an excellent mechanic, and my team, made of young and enthusiastic people.”



  • Marca : TOYOTA
  • Modelo : RALLY CRUISER
  • Preparador : 4x4 Centrum Ermelo
  • Asistencia : Schijf Rally
  • Clase : T1.2 4x4 TT modificados diesel

Clasificación 2020

Scratch Etapa General
1 64 64 64
2 58 58 59
3 58 58 57
4 76 76 66
5 55 53 61
6 53 52 55
7 51 51 52
8 53 52 50
9 55 55 48
10 51 51 48
11 51 51 47
12 43 43 47


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