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Rally, Cross Country Rally, Skiing


The Blue Butcher, Heisterkamp Transport, Van Loon Group, Kroon Oil, Welte Transport, Fried van de Laar, BTB Group

2021: Ab. stage 5 (with Delaunay)
2020: 25th (with Delaunay)
2019: 25th (with Scholtalbers)
2017: 14th (with Rosegaar)
2016: 13th (2nd in stage 9; with Rosegaar)
2015: 4th (with Rosegaar)
2014: 27th (with Rosegaar)
2013: Ab. Stage 6 (with Wams)
2012: 16th (with Scholtalbers)
2011: 11th (with Scholtalbers)
2010: 46th (with Verhoef)
2009: Ab. Stage 11 (with Wams)

2022: Tunisia Desert Challenge (2nd, T3), Italian Baja (1st, T3), Baja Aragon (54th), Andalucia Rally (30th), Rally du Maroc (60th), Dubai Baja (Retired)
2021: Sharqiya Baja (6th), Jordan Baja (2nd), Andalucia Rally (4th), Baja Aragon (6th), Italian Baja (4th), Rally du Maroc (T1+ test), Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge (T1+ test)
2020: Andalucia Rally (37th), Hail Baja (9th)
2019: Rally du Maroc (32nd), Silk Way Rally (10th), Morocco Desert Challenge (ab stage 6)
2018: Qatar Cross Country Rally (9th), Baja Aragon (6th), Rally du Maroc (21st)
2017: Int. Baja Dubai (22nd), Qatar Cross Country Rally (6th)
2016: OiLibya rally du Maroc (ab), Baja Poland (5th), Hungarian Baja (ab), ELE Rally Holland (1st)
2015: Baja Russia Northern Forest (5th), Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge (2nd), Qatar Sealine Rally, Pharaons Rally (7th), Baja Poland (12th), Baja Aragon (6th), OiLibya du Maroc (12th)
2014: Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge (6th), Egypt Rally (3rd), Morocco Rally (3rd), Baja Spain
2013: Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge
2012: Morocco Rally, Dutch rally championship, Baja Espana
2010: Dutch rally champion


“We have the experience to achieve a good result”

Forced to sit out Dakar 2022 after testing positive for Covid, Erik van Loon comes into his 13th Dakar Rally fighting fit in the Overdrive Toyota Hilux. Joined once more by co-driver Sebastien Delaunay for a second time, the Dutchman -a top five finisher at the wheel of the MINI All4 in 2015- and his French co-driver will be looking to break back into the upper reaches in the competitive T1+ class after a run of bad luck in recent editions. Moreover, Erik won’t be the only Van Loon competing at the 2023 Dakar Rally with his wife Anja making her debut behind the wheel of a Can-Am Maverick XRS in the Light Prototypes - T3 class.

E.V.L.: “I moved to a MINI and I finished fourth in 2015, then I moved to Toyota and the results were reasonable. Last year I was really ready for it and I had a good car, so I was aiming for a top five finish. This year a top 10 would be a good position for me.
“I have a really good co-driver and the atmosphere in the car is very good. Sebastien is French, I am Dutch, so we speak English. It makes more sense because he needs to pronounce things in a very simple way and gives me all I need to know, so we have a very good and strong team. Even if he makes a mistake or I make a mistake, there's always an atmosphere that stays well so we don’t get in any fights whatsoever. We have done 28 Dakars, plus other rallies, so quite some experience together to achieve a good result there.
“My wife Anja’s father used to do Dakar, first as a mechanic and later as a driver, then he brought his sons. My wife would go with them in the service truck and I asked her last year 'do you have anything on your bucket list' and she said 'only one thing and that's doing Dakar'.
“So we started, she got her licence, did some normal rallies in the Netherlands, Tunisia, Italy, Spain, Morocco, Andalucia and Dubai, and now she is doing the Dakar. So yeah, it is quite a big thing because only three women have ever done it.”

S.D.: “I started my first Dakar in 2009 and since then I’ve done it every year. I thought I’d just do it once to fulfil my childhood dream, but every year I say, ‘I’ll come back!’
“2015 was my most memorable Dakar so far. It was an amazing race with a lot of adventures. We rolled on the dunes, got stuck in the mud but still finished.
“We're feeling very well prepared for 2023 and ready to build on last year, when we were fast and consistent, always in the top five. Erik and I work together as a real team and it’s a very nice atmosphere in the car.”




  • Toyota Gazoo Racing / Overdrive Racing
  • Overdrive Racing
  • T1+: Prototype Cross-Country Cars 4x4

Clasificación 2023

Toute l'actualité de E. Van loon

Dakar Mag - 14/01 16:44 [GMT +3] - Coche

La saga Van Loon, corta y sigue

En la pareja Van Loon, Erik decidió poner fin a su carrera en el Dakar tras su 13ª participación, pero tiene pensado volver para seguir las futuras hazañas de su esposa Anja, quien compite este año en T3, pero el año que viene conducirá un camión.

Las historias familiares son numerosas y variadas...

Últimas noticias - 07/01 12:57 [GMT +3] - Coche

Vueltas de campana y abandono para Van Loon

El piloto holandés perdió el control de su Toyota en el km 99 de la especial. El impacto le provocó una breve pérdida de conocimiento, pero Erik Van Loon fue atendido ya consciente por el servicio médico de la carrera. Debido a sus dolores cervicales, está siendo sometido a un chequeo médico en el hospital al que ha sido trasladado...


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