• Pick up of the vehicles in Le Havre harbour on February, 13rd and 14th, 2019.
Liaison > 215 km - Special > 360 km
Summary - 15/01 16:09 [GMT -5]

Price battles through the pain, Al-Attiyah in control


On the return journey to Pisco, the riders and drivers were served up a cocktail of sand for 360 km, before they get the chance to savour a flavoursome Pisco Sour! The day started with fesh-fesh and was followed by an intermittence of beaches for almost 80 kilometres. Before encountering the genuine chains of dunes to be crossed to reach the finishing line of the...

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live timing
special n°8BikeQuadCarSxSTruck
1st start [GMT -5]07:1509:0707:2410:1108:15
Number of participants
start 93 15 65 22 28
left 92 15 65 21 24
cp 1 83 15 62 21 21
arrival 82 15 58 21 17

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