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2024: 1st participation

2023: Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge (1st Rally2) / Rallye du Maroc (DNF)
2022: 1st Dubai, FIM Bajas World Cup


In Heinz Kinigadner’s footsteps…

It’s no secret that the passion for rally-raids is often handed down from generation to generation, and in many cases it’s a family affair. When it’s not family members sharing a car, it’s a rider racing in a team led by a relative. This is precisely Tobias Ebster’s story as he is about to compete in his first Dakar in the team run by his uncle, motocross, and rally-raid legend Heinz Kinigadner. He almost won the most famous of rally-raids in 1994 but is hoping that his nephew will be more successful. Tobias Ebster began his career in motocross and enduro before competing in and winning the 2022 FIM Bajas World Cup final in Dubai. 28 years after Heinz, winner of the inaugural edition in 1995, he won the Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge in the Rally2 category against experienced and tough rivals such as Jean-Loup Lepan and Paolo Lucci. This achievement meant that he finished at the top of the “Road to Dakar” program and therefore secured his entry for the Dakar. In order to keep up his training, he lined up for the Rallye du Maroc, but crashed after two kilometers on the first stage and broke his shoulder. And as bad news doesn’t come alone, he also broke his scaphoid in November. After a couple of weeks of rest, the Austrian, who delivers pizzas in his free time, is getting ready to compete in his first Dakar in the “Original by Motul” category for bikes without assistance with the only objective of winning.

T.E.: “I’ve been doing motocross since I was four years old and I started rally racing in 2021. My first international race was at the FIM Bajas World Cup final in Dubai in 2022. I finished first and I also won the Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge this year in the Rally2 category. My preparation for this Dakar is different because I broke my shoulder, part of it, in Morocco. And in November, I broke my scaphoid, so I had to take some time off. So, there was no special training. My objective for 2024 is clearly to win in my category and then I’ll contest the full W2RC.”




  • KTM
  • SRG Motorsports
  • Original by Motul
  • Rally 2

Ranking 2024

All news of T. Ebster

Summary - 19/01 17:53 [GMT +3]

Dakar 2024: Brabec and Sainz, masters of the dunes

The 46th edition of the Dakar, the 5th to be organised in Saudi Arabia, has finished after more than 4,700 kilometres of specials and a total distance of almost 8,000 kilometres, which tested the riders, drivers, co-pilots and crews, from the ancient city of AlUla to the shores of the Red Sea, passing through the oceans of dunes in the Empty Quarter. The major winners of the 2024...

Reactions - 19/01 11:17 [GMT +3] - Bike

Tobias Ebster: “It’s the toughest rally in the world. I love it”

Kinigadner’s nephew has won the Original by Motul category on his first participation on the Dakar.

“I’ve been thinking so much about what happened in the last few years and now being here at the finish for my first Dakar as winner of Original Motuel and in the top 20 overall, best rookie, well, it’s a big one, it’s...

Summary - 13/01 19:03 [GMT +3]

After the Empty Quarter

After six stages and a total of eight days of racing, including the prologue in AlUla, the 46th edition of the Dakar has been a roller-coaster of breakthrough performances, vindications, debacles, plot twists, comebacks and surprises on the tracks and dunes of Saudi Arabia. The culmination of the first week, the brand-new 48H Chrono concept, scattered drivers and co-drivers...

Summary - 10/01 19:20 [GMT +3]

"Quintafondo" and "Nasser Al Attack"


As the name suggests, the Empty Quarter is not exactly teeming with conventional architectural or cultural tourist attractions. Yet, for rally-raid enthusiasts, it is a staggering treasure trove with dunes that stretch as far as the eye can see. Millions? Billions, perhaps? Who knows, it is hard to count while in the throes of sand fever. The riders and crews were...

Newsflashes - 10/01 14:35 [GMT +3] - Bike

Mini Kini wins in Rally 2

Tobias Ebster, leading the Original by Motul class, clinched his maiden Rally 2 win today. The Austrian clocked the tenth-fastest time, edging out Romain Dumontier by just 32 seconds in the special. Kini's nephew had already showcased his prowess in the dunes, topping his class in the 2023 Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge. Tobias won the Road to Dakar challenge there, earning his...

News - 10/01 13:35 [GMT +3]

Dakar 2024 - Stage 5 | All the results


Pablo Quintanilla crossed the finish line with the fastest time and claimed his seventh Dakar stage win. Coming the day after the eighth triumph of his teammate Nacho Cornejo, this is the second Chilean victory in a row. Cornejo also took stage 2, bringing the Chileans' tally this year to three.


Newsflashes - 09/01 08:56 [GMT +3] - Bike

Ebster leads the Original by Motul class

Tobias Ebster sits on top of the general rankings for the Original by Motul class (and is in the top 30 of the general rankings). The Austrian rookie now boasts a lead of more than 7’05’’ over Belgian Jérôme Martiny. Heinz Kinigadner’s nephew, who injured his hand several weeks ago, has bade a decent debut on his first Dakar. His goal is...

Newsflashes - 07/01 07:09 [GMT +3] - Bike

Ebster in command of the Original by Motul race

Tobias Ebster, the winner of the last Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge and nephew of the rally-raid legend Heinz Kinigadner, leads the Original by Motul overall. The Austrian hurt his shoulder in the Rallye du Maroc and, to make matters worse, injured his scaphoid bone in November, making for a less-than-perfect build-up to his first Dakar. However, he is going into stage 2 with...

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