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“Now we’re into this, we’re going all the way”

The Dakar Classic has attracted two more Italian rally-raid enthusiasts in Saudi desert: Ugo Bullesi and his partner Myriam Manzoni. Off road adventures have always inspired them but the inception of the Dakar Classic in 2021 opened the door for them to take on the world’s greatest rally. Ugo and Myriam bought their Mitsubishi Parejo in the Summer of 2022 and gradually prepared for the Dakar Classic, feeding on the experience of compatriots used to racing in the desert. Taking it to the start line is already “a dream come true”. Now they’re eyeing the finish podium… And they can’t help but think about the coming years as well.

U.B.: “The Dakar Classic is an opportunity to do this amazing event for people like us who do this as a passion but for who it’s not a job. It opens opportunities because it’s easier and cheaper. It gets you into the world of motorsport and it can lead to you to doing the real Dakar, why not?
When I was young I saw the Dakar in Africa thinking that one day I will be there… Now we will be in Arabia and I’m living a double dream: to participate to Dakar with one of my favourite cars - my inseparable Mitsubishi Pajero. But for me the best thing is being able to share this adventure with my co-pilot who is my partner in life.
The goal is to make it to the end, stand on the podium with the beautiful finisher medal around the neck, and for us it will already be a victory. But of course, like Rudy Briani said when we told him we had decided to do it and asked for some advice based on his experience: ‘When you get there, it’s always a race. You go, you see how things go, and then the competitive spirit sets in.’
And on the other side, Valentino Bombelli, our mechanics, says: ‘Go easy, pay attention not to break the car!’”

M.M.: “Between the two of us, I’m the one who pushed the most for this. Since I was young I have always had an adventurous spirit: my dream was to participate in the Camel Trophy.
Our common passion for off road has led us to meet people who already participated in the Dakar, like Renato Rickler and Rudy Briani, and with the Dakar Classic, we figured: why don’t we try ourselves? Now we’re into this, we’re going all the way.
It will be an incredible adventure for sure.
If we can be a bit in the fight and get some results, it will be even better. But what we most hope for is to get to Yanbu, go on the podium and collect our Dakar finisher medal… This will be only the beginning.”




  • Bombelli Offroad
  • Motortecnica
  • Classic Auto (intermediate average) 87-96

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