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First participation

2008: Transsyberia Rallye


“A homage to my Dad”

Like a lot of people Panos Meyer grew up dreaming of the Dakar. And like a lot of people Panos has been able to realise his dream thanks to the greater accessibility of the Dakar Classic. He remembers watching it with his Dad and saying to him: “one day I’m going to do that”. When he started looking at the practical aspects of sorting out a car and assistance Google quickly led Panos to the aptly named Jorg Sands. A Mercedes G-Wagon frantic (see the entry for competitor No 755) and Dakar enthusiast, Jorg has put together a team of 3 cars and two trucks under the Rally Raid Germany Club banner. Panos had the possibility of renting a car off Jorg but in the end decided to complicate his life a little bit more by buying a wreck and doing it up. A process that saw them become firm friends. Panos recruited another friend at his 50th birthday party as his co-driver. Basically Martin Bendig-Kreutzer was the last man standing and probably not in a fit state to refuse. On the positive side Martin has already proved he has one of the most important prerequisites for a successful Dakar: endurance!

Panos Meyer: “I must have watched the Dakar on the TV with my Dad for over 20 years. He passed away 7 years ago so in a way this a kind of homage to him, or at least me keeping a promise. These last 6 months trying to get everything ready and the car finished have been pretty tough at times and my commitment to my Dad has pushed me on. I have a software company and I got some of my students to develop some software that will hopefully help my co-driver Martin with the regularity side of things. He sells music for Warner Music in Europe so when he’s not concentrating on the navigation we’ll be able to listen to the play list he’s put together. Apparently there’s a little bit of everything on it, which I’m not sure is a good thing or a bad thing !”


Völkel Dakar Team


  • 280GE
  • Rally Raid Club Germany
  • Rally Raid Club Germany
  • Classic Auto (moderate average) < 86

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